Over There


Grass is greener over there
Sun shines brighter over there
Fields of gold over there
The air cleaner over there

Life is better over there
Love is over there
No worries over there
No hunger over there

I want over there
I can’t see over there
Why do I even care?
My reality’s over here!

One love.


Sense out of sense


Sense out of sense







Sense out of sense

Embrace your essence

One love. 🙂

The Chair


I sat looking at this chair, shrouded in mystery. Then I thought:

How many secrets told?

How many tales unfold?

How many feet took rest?

How many souls confessed?

How many tears shed?

How many ideas bred?

How many burdens held?

How many doubts dispelled?

Romance, laughter, food, drink,

What else does it hold? What do you think?

One love 🙂




I’m happy for you

You won the gold cup, I have to make do with a silver plate

I’m happy for you

You finished your degree, I dropped out of school

I’m happy for you

You got the promotion that I wanted

I’m happy for you

You found a partner, secretly I wanted us

I’m happy for you

You bought a new car, mine’s just been repossessed

I’m happy for you

You’re enjoying life, I’m suffering

I’m happy for you

You’re moving on, I’m climbing a slippery slope

I’m happy for you

I’ve made a difference in your life

I’m happy for you

How many of us are genuinely happy for people? Today I received some great news from someone who is very important to me and I’m so unbelievably happy and proud of her. I’ve never met anyone who’s been more deserving of the opportunity she’s just been given.

This made me think…surprise surprise! I meant it when I said “I’m happy for you.” I’ve been in situations as I’m sure most of us have, where we’ve said that we’re happy for someone when deep down we really aren’t. Am I lying? This can be for whatever reason. We try to put on our most genuine fake smile and fill our sentiments with adjectives that truly convey our pleasure, don’t we? If our jaws were more powerful our molars would be crushed to powder! We then try to pacify our disappointment, anger, disbelief by telling ourselves that “It wasn’t meant for me anyway, something better will come.”

While this may be true, we are still humans with feelings and because we don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, in the spirit of sportsmanship, a quiet life or whatever, we do the right thing by being a ‘man’ about it. Is there something wrong with saying “Well actually I can’t believe you won. I worked my hardest for this” “I am disappointed, I am angry, I wished I’d won, or got the position.” “Why can’t you see that I love you and you’ll be better off with me?” What if that person is a good friend? Will the fact that they ‘beat’ you affect your friendship? You see there’s this thing called envy that we try to suppress, but no-one is exempt from this emotion.

Some of us are so competitive that losing is not an option and when we do, we throw our toys out of the pram and you’d think that our world just came crashing down around us. When you’ve worked your bollocks off to reach a goal, it hurts when you don’t achieve it, or you think it has been ‘taken away’ from you. Personally, I live with the belief that things happen for a reason. Sometimes I wish I knew what the reason is for certain things happening but hey, that’s life.

Are you the type that sits and sulk when you lose, or can you truly say and mean it when you tell someone you’re happy for them? If you can, then I’m happy for you! 😉 One love.

Blue Collar Man


Blue Collar Man

Crack of dawn man

70+ hours a week man

No weekend man

Two jobs to make ends meet man

Two jobs so his family can eat man

No rest so his family can have somewhere to sleep man

Blue Collar Man

Perseverance man

Faithful man

Atlas man

Beast of burden man

Working his fingers to the bone

So we can feast on the fruits of his labour man

Blue Collar Man

Invisible man

Dreaming man

Hoping man

Loving man

Needing man

Happy man

What a man!

Blue collar Man.

I wrote this today as a tribute to those of us (men and women) who constantly slug at the system day in day out. Those of us who work so much we forget what it’s like to rest. Those of us who struggle to do what we need to do in order to survive a system that is constantly trying to control us, to wear us down, to kill us. Those of us who feel like we are not appreciated, that our work has no value. Those of us who chew on bitterness, hate and resentment because those at the top wearing their white collars can boast and brag at the fruits of OUR labour. The accomplishments that WE’VE achieved. The statistics and figures that make them look good because of the donkey work that WE did. The bonuses and celebratory meals that WE feed them. The only praise and recognition we get is more work, higher targets, more responsibility.

 Those of us in the service sector, in education, in care, in hospital, who work because we care. We bend over broad shouldered to protect our children, our sick, our vulnerable, while the system lashes us continuously with their whips of greed and control. We bleed gratitude, we bleed despair, we bleed hate, to protect the weak and fragile. The sensitive lives that will hopefully one day save ours. We work because we know that through our torture, others will benefit, others will thrive, others will live a life that we couldn’t live ourselves so instead slave to provide.

Every tear shed, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood, every aching foot, every headache, every sleepless night is a war wound from our everyday fight. Keep struggling, keep fighting, keep persevering and do it with a pure heart and a fervent mind. We need you. Without you our buildings will crumble, our lives would be lost, our children would have no future. To all the women who go out and work stupid hours and still come home to cook, clean, look after the kids, give up your weekends to ferry them to their many activities…We appreciate you. We admire you. We salute you. You teach us pride, ambition, self respect, discipline, humility, diligence. We are all stronger than we know. We are more than what we think we are. We are….WORTH! Have a good week. One love.

I Am

ImageI am a grain of sand in the desert

I am a pebble on the beach

I am a raindrop in a storm

I am a brick in your wall, A fibre in your sheet

I am the yellow in green

I am a leaf in your tree

Can you see me?


I am the ying to your yang

I am black on white

I am a flame in the dark, A full moon at night

I am the oil in your water

I am the man to your woman

I am the fruit on your tree

Can you see me?

I am…


Do you like to blend in or like to stand out?

Do you follow the stream or be like a trout?

Do you want to shout without being heard?

Do you want to look but not see?

Who are you?

I am me.

One love 🙂