I like Eeyore. In fact I think I share many of his personality traits. Some people may see me as miserable, grumpy, moody. Perhaps it’s because I’m the world’s worst morning person and well, I’m not a Tigger. I think Eeyore is misunderstood. I think Eeyore is like an iceberg. What you see above the surface of the water is just the tip of a gargantuan mountain, slowly drifting along.

People tend to forget that Eeyore, although very intelligent, is also very caring, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, genuine. Eeyore does not like being the center of attention. He is quite content to work in the background, behind the scenes…like the feet of a swan, working feverishly underwater while above she glides majestically by her adoring fans, who tries excitedly to kill her with bread!

Eeyore occasionally loses his tail. Don’t we all? Sometimes people try to remove his tail…sigh. But!…there is hope! Cue Christopher Robin and his drawing pin! or thumb tack, or push pin, or whatever else it is called! Yeah, every now and again Christopher Robin, in his many different forms, tries, and mostly succeeds in getting that tail back on. He is the diver that spots the tip of the iceberg and dives beneath the water to explore this mountain of ice, to try and understand its structure, it’s depth. Christopher will get the tail back on and Eeyore is over the moon! He even cracks a smile, making some people pee themselves with fear, astonishment and uncertainty. Eeyore actually smiled! He’s happy!

Through his joy however, he’s wondering if the tail is securely on, if it’s in the correct position and in the right place. There’s just no pleasing this sodding donkey!  But he is grateful and he makes it known. With renewed confidence and motivation he goes back to his house in the 100 Acre Wood and gets back to rebuilding it, because it has fallen down…again! He’s determined and persistent and no matter how many times his house falls down, he’s going to rebuild it. Some people may think it looks like a pile of sticks and twigs, but he doesn’t care. It’s his. It’s his home. It’s his sanctuary. It’s his safe place.

I may not be 100 percent Eeyore, but I’m majority donkey….wait, that didn’t come out right. What I meant to say was, although I share traits with many of the other characters in the 100 Acre Wood, I share most of Eeyore’s traits. That’s better.

If you could be one of the characters in Winnie the Pooh. Who would you be? One love 🙂


Daddy’s Little Girl


This is dedicated to all the fathers who take time out to spend time with their children. I think we don’t don’t get enough credit for what we do with our children at times. It’s important to remember that spending quality time with our children is an important part of their lives…and ours.

Circumstances may not allow us to see our children on a daily basis. This bonding is therefore important. It gives us an opportunity to learn more about our children, to talk to them, laugh with them, share with them, teach them, encourage them. Sometimes it’s the simple little things we forget or take for granted.

How many of us as adults have said to ourselves and others, “I wish I spent more time with my dad when I was younger.” How many of us have said to our fathers, “Where were you when I was growing up?” Fathers who live with their children can be just as absent as fathers who don’t.

Let’s continue to show the world that fathers can, and do. One love 🙂


How many of us on our daily commute walk by these people in the underground or on the streets busking? How many of us stop to listen? How many of us turn our noses up in disgust, looking at them like disease riddled vermin, infesting the public, poisoning us by ‘injecting’ their ‘music’ into our earholes? How many of us wish they’d stop that almighty racket? How many of us drop some money in their hats, cases, etc.?

People busk for different reasons. Many famous actors/actresses, magicians and musicians began their careers by busking in the streets. People busk perhaps because they want to be heard on a free, public stage with an ever-changing audience. Maybe someone might walk by and offer them a deal. Others busk because they need the money. They don’t have a job, or have a low paying job and they’re seeking to supplement their income by busking. Some people busk just for the hell of it.

Whatever their reasons, buskers add some ‘flavour’ to daily life and I have to admit I do find it quite refreshing walking through the underground listening to these talented musicians breaking up the monotonous drone of feet rushing to get from A to B. I enjoy stopping and watching them perform in the streets occasionally. They are a welcome distraction from the machine that is my mind running on overdrive.

This post is dedicated to the street performers who entertain us for whatever reason. Next time you walk past one, drop them a few coins. You don’t know their situation and those few pennies or pounds might be their meal for the day. It might help to fund a new instrument or repair it, or even help with their tuition. You never know. I’d rather see people busking, perfecting and sharing their art/skill/talent rather than robbing and stealing, or just doing nothing and taking our hard earned taxes to live on. One love.








I’m gay…yeah, and???

Yes I’m going to go there. What’s the issue with people being gay? Do people have a go at you for being straight? Leave them the hell alone! They are people just like you and me. Their blood is the same colour. Can they not do the same things that you and I can do? They are just as creative, just as intelligent, just as strange as we are!

There has been a huge furore in the media lately about gay marriage. Why? Are we saying that two people who love each other aren’t allowed to get married because they love someone who is of the same gender? How narrow minded and ignorant can we be?!

Let’s look at a few things before we move on. The church supposedly condemns homosexuality. Ok….What about thou shalt not kill? How many religious wars have there been and how many people have died at the hands of us in the name of God? Thou shalt not fornicate….I don’t think I need to elaborate on that one. Thou shalt not commit adultery..don’t need to comment on this one either. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not covet. Love one another as I have loved you. Do I need to go any further? I grew up in church and I have read the bible so I know what’s in it! Church leaders messing about with the alter boys. People committing various sins, going to confession and being told to say Hail Marys for absolution, and then that makes it ok? Oh, you can sin but as long as you confess your sins and pray for forgiveness it’ll be fine? I’ve known churches that have tried to exorcise the ‘demon’ that is homosexuality from people! Can you believe that?!

We discriminate against homosexuals just as we discriminate against class, race, gender, nationality, disability, even addresses for crying out loud. I grew up in a very homophobic country and although I had a few gay friends in high school, we had to keep it down for fear of their safety. I have many heterosexual as well as gay friends and we get on just fine. We hate what we don’t understand and I think that makes us one sad bunch.

Two people love each other, want to spend the rest of their lives together and want to make a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other in front of God. What’s wrong with that? Are we saying that there are no gay Christians? Well why don’t heterosexuals have civil partnerships instead of getting married then? Why do we allow heterosexuals to get married in church when they don’t believe in God but it makes great wedding photos? “Oooh I really like that church. Let’s find out how much it costs and get married there. Then we can go to the reception and drink til we can’t stand or see straight!” Can you see anything wrong with this picture?

Yeah alright, some homosexuals can be a bit over the top and love to exaggerate the whole gay and proud philosophy, and I admit I find it a bit distasteful when they really go overboard with it. I don’t find it particularly comfortable watching a bunch of men dressed in pink sequined hot pants and boob tubes violently gyrating while waving their rainbow flags to Madonna, Kylie or Abba’s Dancing Queen. I am equally uncomfortable watching women dressed in baggy jeans and vests covered in tattoos and piercings swaggering like one leg is three inches shorter than the other.  Having said that, there are also many if not more flamboyant heterosexuals who also go overboard sometimes.

Our sexual orientation is our business and we should be left alone to love who we want to love and be with whoever we want to. I know some of you will come back preaching to me about why gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married, be together or even be alive. Save your time and energy. I have my own opinion and noone is going to convince me otherwise. I love people regardless of whatever their preference and I believe that if we limit ourselves to the type of people society or the church tells us to like then we are preventing ourselves from making some wonderful friends. Have we not got enough to worry about? One love.

I’m sorry but…..

But what?? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you apologising or are you just continuing to point out my shortcomings? Are you truly sorry? Has anyone experienced this? Do you remember having to apologise for something when you believe you were innocent? Better yet, have you ever had to apologise to someone just to keep the peace, to keep your job, to still be a part of the social circle? How it burned you to the pits of your soul because you know you were in the right?

How many of us have out of frustration said things we could’ve probably said a bit more diplomatically or sugar coated a bit, that we’ve had to turn around the following day and eat humble pie and apologise for? I have. But why should I have to sugar coat the truth? If you’ve pissed me off, you’ve pissed me off…end of! Why should I have to think of a nice way to tell you that you’re an irritating, selfish, arrogant, self-indulging p***k?! At least that way you won’t get any mixed messages and you’ll know exactly how I feel!

On the other hand, how many of us have genuinely made a mistake or a wrong move and having realised what we’ve done, apologised to the relevant party/parties only to have it thrown back in our faces and become public enemy number one? What is an apology? It means that we’ve acknowledged that we’ve done wrong and we want to make ammends for it no? So why the ‘but’? It’s like someone saying “I’m sorry you went through that but I told you so.” “I’m really sorry I punched you in the face but you shouldn’t have said that.” “I’m sorry I betrayed you but I’m not a bad person.” Isn’t the ‘but’ a contradiction?

Are we able to truly apologise to someone? Are we truly able to forgive and wipe the slate clean? Some of us can. I find it hard sometimes, and that’s the honest truth. I can apologise without reservation and whether or not you want to accept it, my conscience is clear and I know that I’m truly sorry. The forgiveness part is where I struggle. I’ll admit it probably is a shortcoming that I need to work on but (there’s that word again!) when I’ve been betrayed I find it hard to forgive. If I can sincerely apologise and the person can forgive me, why do I find it hard at times to forgive others? Does that make me a bad person? If someone hurt or betrayed you so badly that they in effect ruin your life, how easy would it be to forgive that person? How many of us have said “I don’t have anything to do with that person anymore because…”?

If someone intentionally does something to hurt you then apologises for it would you accept it? Genuine, unintentional mistakes I find easier to forgive, but why should I forgive you if you intentionally hurt me and then follow up the apology with a ‘but’?

Why do women (and men) stay in physical and emotionally abusive relationships? “Oh he/she said they were sorry but they only hit me because….” Hmmmm. I find it odd that we find it so difficult to let go, to be unselfish, to be weak, to be selfless, to let our guards down, to be genuinely sorry without the BUT! One love.


“Don’t tell anyone but…” “Between me and you….” “You’re not gonna believe this but…” “You’ll never guess what?…” “Can you keep a secret?” “This doesn’t go any further…” “OH…MY…GOD!!” “Word on the street is…”

How many times have we heard these words? How many times have we uttered these words? Is it wrong to keep secrets? Are we being hypocrites if we deny knowing anything? Are we a people of liars? Can we trust people? The good old Chinese telephone. Why do we love to spread rumours? Are we so bored that we feel the need to make things up about people? I’ve said so many things, been so many places, done so many things, all without even opening my mouth or even lifting a finger! How many of you has this happened to? I find that the more quiet someone is, the more people just want to spread crap about them. The air of mystery that surrounds them is so unbearable that we decide to make things up about them to make their lives more ‘interesting’.

Why do we need to know anything about anyone we don’t have that much of a connection with? Some of us deliberately sew a seed of deceit and water it with lies. Some of us even do it to ourselves. Do we need to paint such a picture of ourselves to make people like us? Do we hate people so much or are filled with so much jealousy that we feel the need to spit venomous rumours about our fellow man? We make great hypocrites don’t we?

How many of us have been betrayed by someone we thought we could trust? I certainly have, and on more than one occasion.  I think my problem is that I trust people until they give me a chance not to. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The problem is, and it’s a sad one one, that my views now are swaying more towards guilty until proven innocent. I think my experiences and hurt is turning me into a ‘Don’t form an opinion about the book until you’ve read it!’ person. ‘Don’t like the movie just because you’ve seen the trailer/preview’. I know many people are the opposite of me – guilty until proven that you’re not a opportunist bastard who only wants to be my friend because you want something! But why? This saddens me.

We keep our cards close to our chests because we feel that if we open up to someone, they’ll expose us and throw our lives out in the open if something should happen between us. That’s usually where the rumours begin I suppose. It’s just too much work trying to keep up with the rumours and the lies. If you’ve got a bad memory it’s even more difficult for you, because if you mess up, then rumours will start to be spread about YOU! What a vicious cycle. I’m no tree hugger, radical free love advocate or anything like that, and I believe we need to be aware and protect ourselves from the poison darts blown at us. However, I do believe that in order to live together in harmony, especially in these trying times, we need to cut each other some slack and not add to our distress by constantly putting each other down. Did you know that the poorest people are some of the most loving? Why? Because they have nothing else to give. We are so consumed by greed that we will do anything to get to where we want to be, even if it means spreading rumours and speaking ill of people. Just remember that all the heads you step on in your attempt to get to the top of the ladder, are the same people you will go past should you fall from the top. I guarantee you that very few, if any, will stretch a hand out to try and catch you on the way down. Wake up people, all we have is each other. Spread the love. One love.



Do you people watch? I do. Have you ever sat somewhere looking through a window and take in the many different sizes and shapes that go by? Have you ever tried to Psycho-analyse people? I do it quite often.  I wonder what’s going through their heads. Even people I meet, I try to compile a character profile of them. Generally I’m quite accurate, but sometimes I can get it so wrong! Why do we do this? Is it because we’re consciously or subconsciously looking for compatibility? Are we judging the book by its cover? How many of us have got it totally wrong? How many of us have said either to the person or to ourselves that we really got them wrong. We didn’t know they were that ‘type‘ of person? What makes us have ‘instant’ connections with some people but yet see some people as really creepy or dodgy, or get negative ‘vibes’ from some people?


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many lovely people. Some who initially I thought “you’re a right surly, miserable git aren’t you?” but after getting to know them I often say to them how I thought they were in the beginning and how wrong I was. I find that these people are usually funny as hell! and quite ‘deep’. I’ve been told by some people that they thought I was arrogant…can you believe that? Me? Arrogant? Thankfully they told me they got me wrong. Because I didn’t talk much or got involved with the ‘crowd’, they thought I was up my arse and that I thought I was better than everyone else. Ouch! And there I was thinking I was a pretty nice guy! I suppose everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

The reason I brought the topic up today is I’ve been meeting and talking to quite a lot of people lately, some of whom I haven’t seen for a while, some I’m getting to know better and some are new. A few of the conversations had to do with their concerns about the way people see them and what people think of them. I nearly always get the…”Yeah but I don’t want people to think that I’m….” We all want to be liked and accepted but it’s got to a point now where I’m thinking what will it take for people not to give a toss and just be themselves? We think, “I know, maybe if I dress, walk, talk a certain way, people will think differently of me.” Why? Why have we become a nation of performing monkeys?

I find people intriguing. I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague today. This person is somewhat of an enigma. They shared a few things with me today that made me think…”Wow! I so wouldn’t expect to hear that from you or would imagine you’ve experienced that!” But then why would I? I don’t know them!

There’s the other side of the coin too. I was let down recently by someone who I thought was a friend. Someone I shared many things with. Someone who shared many things with me. Someone I thought I knew. Turns out I didn’t know them as well as I thought I did. I think we all know someone like that. For some reason a packet of skittles just popped into my head. I think it’s the whole rainbow thing, but I guess people can be like a pack of skittles – many different colours and flavours. We all have our favourite colour and flavour but we’ll still eat the whole packet because we don’t mind the others, even the ones we don’t particularly like. Some of us will either throw away the ones we don’t like or leave them in the bag.

We get on with some either because we have to. Probably for work or because we have some tie or connection to them. We don’t particular like or dislike them. Some people are our favourite flavour and we inspect the bag to try and find them. Those ones we eat first. The people who make us happy, who we always want to be with, have a laugh with, even work with. Then there are the ones we either throw away or leave in the bag because we don’t like them. They leave a bad taste in our mouths…know what I mean? Let’s be honest, we don’t like everybody and we never will. Just like not everyone will like us. Some flavours we used to like we don’t like anymore! Some we may even be allergic to! Hahaha! :D. Does it make us hypocrites if we eat the ones we don’t like?

We are all in the same packet though and what may taste good to some may not taste good to others. Stay sweet people. One love.