Let Go


What are you waiting for? What are you holding on to? What are you afraid of? Why are you hanging on? You like your comfort zone. You like your safe place. You like the security of the familiar. You are still holding on. You want more, but you are still hanging on. You know it’s time to move on yet you still cling on.

Let go. Close your eyes. Fall. Breathe. Exhale. Let freedom consume you. Let the unknown cloak you. Let your fear drive you. Let go. Spread your wings. Fly.

One love 🙂


Isn’t it funny…

…how people come into our lives at the right moment? I actually had a decent day at work today. The sun is out and I had a very motivating conversation with a couple of friends tonight. I also received a postcard from someone very dear to me that made my evening even better!

I’ve been quite the ‘floater’ the last few months, just getting on with it. Not knowing where my life was heading, not sure what I wanted out of life, what I had to offer, did I have anything to offer, would anyone miss me if I disappeared, what was my motivation, my purpose, would I be able to get out of this negative hole that I dug for myself, the list list goes on. I met up with a few friends for coffee a couple months ago and that saw the birth of my blogging and the re-birth of my interest in photography and music.

This blogging business has proven very therapeutic in more ways than one. It has become the outlet for my thoughts, and I have met people who, although virtual, share common thoughts, opinions, ideas, who give me things to think about and who have been very encouraging and friendly. So to everyone who has been reading and responding to my posts, thank you very much and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Today was one of those days that made me realise that I DO have a purpose and that I am appreciated. People are often quick to offer consolation and play ‘shrink’ at the time we talk to them but very rarely follow up on it….the out of sight out of mind type. I have been seriously thinking about a career change lately and this evening I managed to have a very frank conversation with a couple of friends who not only provided encouragement but ALSO showed me practical ways of going about making my next steps and who ACTIVELY showed REAL interest in me and the direction I might go.

I’ve had my up days and my down days that we all have and the cogs in my head are always spinning at a hundred MPH! Today my cogs were slowed down and I was able to share my concerns and receive constructive criticism and encouragement. I was able to step back and look at myself from the outside. Isn’t it funny how when we find ourselves starting to despair and de-rail that God, the universe, whoever or whatever, sends someone or more to nudge us back onto that train line? When we feel that no-one understands and no matter how much we try and explain, we feel that they just don’t get it? Some very special people have come into my life in the course of the last year who have proven me wrong and have shown that they do understand. They have shown me that I am important, not only to them but to many people, and that I do have a positive effect on people’s lives.

I now more than ever believe that people come into our lives at different times for different reasons. Some, if we’re lucky stick around and others show themselves for a while and then disappear like a cloud of smoke on a windy day. The lesson they leave with us is unforgettable. It’s the same with relationships. Sometimes we have relationships that end amicably for whatever reason and we remember the fond times we shared. Some don’t end as well but we take the lessons learned from those to make us stronger, wiser people.

Many of us feel alone in our struggles. Even though we may have people around us and so-called ‘friends’, we still fight that mental battle on our own, and we need to. No-one can defeat our demons but us…whatever form they manifest themselves. There are however people who pop up every now and again to reload our guns with bullets of ‘positiveness’, encouragement, laughter, hope, motivation. Sometimes if we come across a massive nemesis, they will even help us hold the bazooka to defeat the bugger!

As I have been encouraged, I’m sending it out to you. Although I can’t be there with you physically or provide anything tangible, I hope that these words will help you in your battle with life. Yes YOU will have to make the decisive moves but you are not as alone as you think you are. There are people out there…good people who care and who will run with you until you get to the edge of your cliff and decide to jump into the unknown, using your fear, your hopes, your concerns, your cautious optimism and excitement as the parachute that will land you safely on your feet. I have been given fresh clean petrol, my car has had its service and I’m once again ready to buckle up and speed into the future. I have no idea how long the petrol will last, but for now, the top’s down and i’m off! Be encouraged. You…we can do it! One love.

Meet the artist

Have you ever felt genuinely happy for someone? I feel so excited to hear when good things happen to people. We often hear about how hard life is, about tragedies, about hurt and pain. When I hear that something good has happened to someone I feel so happy for them. It’s like being deprived of water for days and someone gives me a drink. The feeling is like taking those first few gulps. That sigh that follows when I remove the cup from my lips. That refreshing, cool sensation of the water quenching the parchness that is my withering oesophagus as it flows toward my stomach.

So much negativity, all over, in all forms of the media and in our lives, that the oasis that is something positive, something good, something special, often gets treated like a mirage in the desert and quickly disappears instead of being lauded and celebrated. Forget humility, why shouldn’t we shout from the rooftops, treat ourselves, boast? If only for a time, let’s smother ourselves in that feeling of elation. Let’s shiver in delight when all our hairs stand on end because of what we’ve achieved! Let’s take charge of the moment – own it, because it is ours! There’s the good old saying, “When something good happens, noone remembers, when something bad happens, noone forgets.” Let’s remember to forget the negative, enjoy our happy moments and celebrate our achievements. Today is a good day. Let’s charge ourselves with the positive things that have occurred, ready to take them into tomorrow.

Today I went to the Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill to support my mate holding his ‘Meet the Artist’ event. He has been given his glass of water and he is in for many more refills! Congratulations brother. Here’s a few photos of the day. Keep drinking. One love.








Who are you?

Who are you? Who are YOU? How many times have we asked ourselves this question?Who am I? Am I me? Or am I who I think I should be, who people want me to be? That question has given me headache upon headache! When you’re young you often get asked, What do you want to be when you grow up? Who do you want to be like? Who is your role model? I found that my freedom of choice was severely restricted because I wanted to be who my parents wanted me to be. Most of the decisions I made…or that were made for me was because they were trying to mould me into someone THEY wanted me to be. I understand why they were doing it but I didn’t have the balls, or think I had the option to say no I don’t want to study that. I don’t want to go to university. I don’t know what I want to be. I had a few role models but for different reasons. I didn’t necessarily want to BE like them. I admired them for their personalities and the positive things they did. Was it the same for you?

In our relationships do we morph into the person our partner wants us to be, or who we think he/she wants us to be? Do we forsake our likes, values, heck even our diets to suit our significant other in order to be loved? Do we have an ‘agent’ or alter ego that we use in order to ‘get’ our partner before the real us comes out? How many times have we heard or said “He/she wasn’t like that when we first started going out”? Do our social circles sculpt our personalities? Are we trying so hard to fit in, to be accepted, to be liked, that we turn into these strange people that we don’t even know ourselves? Are we so used to wearing the mask that it has fused to our faces and has become a part of us? How many different masks do we have? Do we put on certain masks depending on who we’re with?

It’s time to burn those masks. It’s time to strip ourselves down to the basics and buff that diamond that we are, so that we can sparkle, so that people can see our true colours, our brilliance! so that they can be drawn to us because we are not tarnished by the people we wish to be! We have one life. We are here because we are meant to be. Why waste it trying to conform in order to be normal? To be accepted or liked? Dare to be different! Do you think that people will love you less or won’t want to be associated with you because you are different? What is ‘normal’? Who or what defines normal? We are like snowflakes…no two are the same. We might have similar traits but we are not the same. Grab hold of your individuality! Run with it! Be you!

Many of us including myself are going through the ‘buffing’ period. We are on that journey of stripping down to the basics in order to rediscover the true essence of who we are. Have you ever tried to polish a tarnished piece of silver? It takes a lot of elbow grease and sweat doesn’t it, but when you get it clean, it’s beautiful…gorgeous…you can see your face in it. In trying to polish ourselves we will have to put in the effort…make sacrifices, get rid of unnecessary things or people who do everything but encourage and motivate us. Do something different, something we wouldn’t normally do. Undo the negative, pessimistic thought processes that we have adopted. Find people, places, hobbies that will help to expose the hidden you. It’s a long tedious, sometimes lonely journey but when we get that diamond glistening or that piece of silver shining, we will see our face in it…our true face! We are all diamonds, so shine with the brilliance and magnificence that is truly you. Let’s keep buffing and polishing. One love.