I like Eeyore. In fact I think I share many of his personality traits. Some people may see me as miserable, grumpy, moody. Perhaps it’s because I’m the world’s worst morning person and well, I’m not a Tigger. I think Eeyore is misunderstood. I think Eeyore is like an iceberg. What you see above the surface of the water is just the tip of a gargantuan mountain, slowly drifting along.

People tend to forget that Eeyore, although very intelligent, is also very caring, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, genuine. Eeyore does not like being the center of attention. He is quite content to work in the background, behind the scenes…like the feet of a swan, working feverishly underwater while above she glides majestically by her adoring fans, who tries excitedly to kill her with bread!

Eeyore occasionally loses his tail. Don’t we all? Sometimes people try to remove his tail…sigh. But!…there is hope! Cue Christopher Robin and his drawing pin! or thumb tack, or push pin, or whatever else it is called! Yeah, every now and again Christopher Robin, in his many different forms, tries, and mostly succeeds in getting that tail back on. He is the diver that spots the tip of the iceberg and dives beneath the water to explore this mountain of ice, to try and understand its structure, it’s depth. Christopher will get the tail back on and Eeyore is over the moon! He even cracks a smile, making some people pee themselves with fear, astonishment and uncertainty. Eeyore actually smiled! He’s happy!

Through his joy however, he’s wondering if the tail is securely on, if it’s in the correct position and in the right place. There’s just no pleasing this sodding donkey! Β But he is grateful and he makes it known. With renewed confidence and motivation he goes back to his house in the 100 Acre Wood and gets back to rebuilding it, because it has fallen down…again! He’s determined and persistent and no matter how many times his house falls down, he’s going to rebuild it. Some people may think it looks like a pile of sticks and twigs, but he doesn’t care. It’s his. It’s his home. It’s his sanctuary. It’s his safe place.

I may not be 100 percent Eeyore, but I’m majority donkey….wait, that didn’t come out right. What I meant to say was, although I share traits with many of the other characters in the 100 Acre Wood, I share most of Eeyore’s traits. That’s better.

If you could be one of the characters in Winnie the Pooh. Who would you be? One love πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Eeyore

  1. Love this post and your thoughts on Eeyore πŸ™‚ Many years ago my friend and I decided that we were much alike Tigger and Pooh. She is absolutely Tigger, bouncing around me, being Pooh, the calm one πŸ™‚

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