Old Shed


I tried using the branches of a tree to frame this old shed. Jury’s still out on whether or not I like the result. I am continuing to learn about composition and a question I’d like to ask is, do you use any elements of your image to help frame your subject? Do you use buildings, people, objects? What do you use to make the subject stand out besides using a shallow depth of field? I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask. I’m finding it a bit difficult trying to explain. Have a good weekend. One love 🙂


7 thoughts on “Old Shed

  1. It is nicely placed on two thirds, and the fence line makes it horizontal. The framing works IMO.
    I would say, zoom it up a bit (2x) and take at either an earlier or later (wherever the sun is) time of day to get that evening/sunrise look to it, more yellow than white. No offence meant, just my opinion.

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  2. It’s a good start, a nice subject. As mentioned above the light could be better. Also, when the framing elements are out of focus (which they definitely can be if they’re not interesting in some way), I’d make them occupy less of the field of view than you did here. The other thing you can do is make them darker, with less visible detail. When I frame subjects I usually either make the frame take up very little of the picture or put the frame into focus and make sure there’s not much detail visible, darkening it in post. Or some combination. Main thing is to draw the viewer’s eye immediately to the subject.

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    • Thanks for the advice MJF. You made a good point about making the framing elements take up less of the field of view. Looking back at it I can definitely see how it can be distracting. I also agree with the lighting comment as well. Both you and feralc4t mentioned it so definitely something to work on. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment and give some great tips. One love 🙂


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