Blue Belle By The Bridge


Blue Belle goes up and down the Thames, slowly chugging past historic bridges and landmarks…..and she just chugs. Not oblivious nor ignorant, just….well….meh. Indifferent to it all. She enjoys the journey. She lives the moment. She hears nothing…..sees nothing…….but yet she is transfixed on her mind’s eyes as they paint the intricate details of her thoughts, projecting them onto the water in front of her  as she meanders along.

She approaches some rapids…she tenses as she gears up….the engine is stoked, the pistons race and the steam builds up while the fuel, like adrenaline, floods her pipes as she prepares for impact. She’s there….she’s losing control. She’s disorientated, confused!!! The engine cuts out, she’s heading for the rocks! This is it…….

The strength of the current pushes her out of the jaws of the inevitable. She slowly rights herself and her vision and perspective returns. All is calm again. She is slowly regaining control. She gathers her thoughts and she chugs again, waiting for the next course of rapids. Blue Belle by the bridge.

Does Blue Belle remind you of anyone? One love 🙂


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