Daddy’s Little Girl


This is dedicated to all the fathers who take time out to spend time with their children. I think we don’t don’t get enough credit for what we do with our children at times. It’s important to remember that spending quality time with our children is an important part of their lives…and ours.

Circumstances may not allow us to see our children on a daily basis. This bonding is therefore important. It gives us an opportunity to learn more about our children, to talk to them, laugh with them, share with them, teach them, encourage them. Sometimes it’s the simple little things we forget or take for granted.

How many of us as adults have said to ourselves and others, “I wish I spent more time with my dad when I was younger.” How many of us have said to our fathers, “Where were you when I was growing up?” Fathers who live with their children can be just as absent as fathers who don’t.

Let’s continue to show the world that fathers can, and do. One love 🙂


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