Rainbow Rose


When I spotted these rainbow roses today at a florists inside King’s Cross Station I thought, “Wow! That’s incredible! How did they do that?” I took a closer look and they were indeed real! Pretty impressive. (I know you’ve probably already seen these so forgive me if I’m a bit late discovering multi-coloured roses!) I can see the creative side to this and it will definitely help us guys if we can’t remember what colour roses the lady likes. Get her a bunch of these and we should be OK….hopefully. If not, we’ll just have to figure out another way to earn those brownie points!

What do you think about us fiddling with nature? I got to thinking about how we constantly modify flowers, fruits and vegetables, whether through genetic modification or ‘hybridization’ so they can be more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t really care whether or not my carrots are perfectly straight. That my oranges are the perfect sphere. There are benefits I’m sure but I’m one of those ‘if it ain’t broke’ kinda blokes. Yeah OK, I do enjoy seedless grapes and oranges but where do we draw the line?

There’s even talk about designer babies! Can you believe it?! Messing about with an embryo’s genetic code to alter a newborn’s phenotype…Really?! I can imagine the benefits of it, especially when it concerns health conditions that are usually passed on through genes, but I’m afraid of opening up a can of worms so I’ll leave that argument alone for a while.

But seriously, is that what we have become? A world obsessed with perfection…which might I add is subjective? A society of ‘fix me quick’? This is kind of worrying, but who knows, maybe sometime in the future I will be the one benefiting from these technological advances.

Anyway, I still think the roses were a cool little gimmick. One love 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Rose

  1. Aah I’ve missed your thoughts MrT. I too am concerned about where we’re heading but in terms of fruits and veg it’s the supermarkets. My brother gets tins of veg from a farm he delivers to and it’s just sitting there in piles because it’s not what the supermarket wants. But who actually benefits? Not the farmer with all that waste, I’m fairly sure most consumers don’t care either. And I’m certain that the half if the world that’s starving certainly wouldn’t care. It seems half the world got bored of life while the other half struggle to stay alive day all. We play with what is already stunning all by itself and we hide the beauty of a night sky with artificial night, a white rose with food dye and food with a ruler. How sad. And who is truely happy? But hey, that’s another blog right? Much love xxx

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    • Claire!!! How are you? I totally agree. I’ll happily buy the cheaper ‘wonky’ products! Do you think it’s boredom or greed that causes us to do these things? One love 🙂


  2. They roses are lovely, but in general I’m not in favor of messing with Mother Nature. Some of the hybrid annuals and perennials have been altered to a point that insects and birds cannot physically gather any nectar. Now, that’s when we as humans who like our food supply are going to be in trouble. 🙂

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    • Well said Judy. I wonder if they thought about the insects and the impact it would have on them. I didn’t until you mentioned it. Good point. One love 🙂


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