Who are you?

I had an urge to send this out again today. One love 🙂


Who are you? Who are YOU? How many times have we asked ourselves this question?Who am I? Am I me? Or am I who I think I should be, who people want me to be? That question has given me headache upon headache! When you’re young you often get asked, What do you want to be when you grow up? Who do you want to be like? Who is your role model? I found that my freedom of choice was severely restricted because I wanted to be who my parents wanted me to be. Most of the decisions I made…or that were made for me was because they were trying to mould me into someone THEY wanted me to be. I understand why they were doing it but I didn’t have the balls, or think I had the option to say no I don’t want to study that. I don’t…

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