Six trunks


I particularly like this shot because of the unique texture of each trunk. No two are the same. Each tree has it’s own unique ‘fingerprint’ or ‘trunkprint’. I don’t know much about trees but I especially like them this time of year when they are naked and their true characteristics are revealed. To me they each have their own personality, and I sometimes find myself drawn to certain trees more than others. Their shapes, the arrangement of branches, the feel of their trunks, their movement, for some reason appeals to me. I don’t go hugging them or anything but just find the things interesting. This feeling I find becomes more intense when I am in the woods. Maybe we are having some strange kind of subconscious extrasensory dialogue. Maybe I’ve hit my head. Am I alone? One love 🙂


10 thoughts on “Six trunks

  1. I like the photo, and also the words. I understand what you mean. By the way: it is not even that good to hug trees (especially not when many people do it) because over time it can lead to damage of the roots. This is particularly a problem with “popular” tourist trees.


  2. Thank you for liking “First Snow.” I like the textures of the tree trunks too! 🙂 Ever since I started my imaginenewdesigns blog and looked at the work of photographers on WordPress, I think trees are fascinating subjects. I even think dead trees are just as interesting as living ones.

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