A section of Kishio Suga’s Ren-Shiki-Tai. Suga “…frequently examines the notion of the ‘boundary’ in his work. In addition to the physical distinction of spaces and the perceptual differences between materials, this idea of ‘boundary’ relates specifically to the distinction between the material world of objects and the intellectual and emotional world of the viewer. An important aspect of Suga’s work is the interaction between these two zones, one physical, the other cerebral and emotional.”

In his words….

“The thing (mono) cannot exist as an isolated single body. Each singular piece is related and must rely on each other, then the reality of the thing appears. When the related objects are put in sequence, the value of each is realised. Cognitive ability recognises and specifies the thing. The sequentiality of each individual piece expresses the state between the things and also between the thing and cognition.”

(Kishio Suga, unpublished text, December 2008.)

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family in the US. One love 🙂


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