Over There


Grass is greener over there
Sun shines brighter over there
Fields of gold over there
The air cleaner over there

Life is better over there
Love is over there
No worries over there
No hunger over there

I want over there
I can’t see over there
Why do I even care?
My reality’s over here!

One love.


8 thoughts on “Over There

  1. Interesting Poem, I believe we create our own reality and consequently our own happiness.
    We craft the world we live in by our thoughts and beliefs; hence our experience of life is created directly by the way we think.

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    • In addition to our thoughts and beliefs, our reality is also crafted by the choices we make and the pathways we create. For some, their reality is thrust upon them through no fault of their own. Nice comment. One love πŸ™‚


  2. Wonderful poem.
    What people often do not realize that “over there” will never be better because what they really need to change is their own inside. If you move from one place to the other but do not change your mindset, how can one believe that life would change?

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