Is blood thicker than water?


Is blood thicker than water? Do you subscribe to this centuries old school of thought? Some people swear by this and their lives and relationships are dictated by it. I’ve been thinking about this phrase for a while now and I don’t entirely agree. When someone gets married, their spouse becomes their family. I strongly believe they should take priority over family because they are now your family. Unfortunately some people take the blood vs water philosophy into their marriages and deny their spouse their unwavering dedication, leaving them second in line to their ‘blood’. I believe this to be disrespectful, but that’s just me.

Family over friends. I have some friends that will turn water thicker than blood, and this has been proven many times. Friends who I now call my family. friends who have treated me, and who still do, like their own blood. Are you trying to tell me that because I share some DNA with someone or because there is some family tie somewhere along the line that I am supposed to drop everything and tend to their needs and allow myself to be taken advantaged of even though I may not even know them? Really? Give me one good reason why? Because blood is thicker than water?

I have been on the receiving end of some let’s say, some not very pleasant experiences by ‘blood’ and I also know of many people who have suffered and have been subject to some unimaginable treatment by their own ‘blood’. Their response is “but they’re family.” And??? Is blood thicker than water when a parent dies and leaves (or doesn’t) an inheritance? Do people care about family then? When they fight and sometimes kill each other to have what is left? What they believe is rightfully theirs? Is blood thicker than water when a family member does something that disgraces the family and puts their hard earned reputation in disrepute?

It makes my blood boil sometimes (I didn’t do that intentionally) to see people taken advantage of because “they’re family.” Had it been a friend or stranger would we have sat down and taken the abuse meted out to us? Of course not, so why do we lie down and take it from family?

On the other hand, do you shun your family and treat your friends as if they were your blood? Do you do more for your friends than you do your family? Why? Surely you must have an innate sense of duty and obligation to support and maintain good relationships with your own kin and look out for their welfare?

The point of this post is, what is family? Does a person’s bloodline define his family? Have we been programmed to believe and accept this, or is it the care, nurture, support and love that we receive from people that makes them family? If the latter is the case then why is water in the equation? Shouldn’t we all be of one blood?

Obviously, our allegiances will lie with our loved ones and I suppose deep down we all have a bit of the ‘blood is thicker than water’ mindset weaved into our genetic strands, but in the grand scheme of things we should at least try to treat everyone as we would our family. Don’t you think?

My country of birth’s motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’, and my extension to that is… ‘and one family’. Have you forsaken yours? One love 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is blood thicker than water?

  1. I have heard people offer that as an excuse for defending a family member who has said or done something indefensible. But when you take it apart and analyse it, it sounds like “I don’t have enough capacity for caring to squander any of it outside my immediate gene pool.” Whatever it’s supposed to mean, it divides people into “us” and “them” and I’m with you: let’s all just be “us.”


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