The east end

streetart streetart1 streetart2Makatcha

I went into sensory overload visiting the east end a few days ago. Turning onto Brick lane from Shoreditch high street, I was greeted with some amazing street art, vintage shops and food stalls filling the air with a deluge of aromas. Then of course there were people…lots of people. All different shapes and sizes. It was an unending catwalk of chaos, a mish-mash of ‘fashion individuality’ and a vibe of hakuna matata. I will go back to take advantage of the fantastic graffiti, street art and to sample more of the exotic food. Happy Monday. One love 🙂


4 thoughts on “The east end

    • Thank you Diana. It’s a shame my time was limited as there was so much to see. I will definitely have to dedicate a day to go back and immerse myself in it. One love 🙂


  1. Good shots of those fabulous murals we got to see.I’m discovering your art and I cannot help but saying: ‘Way to go, Damian!’. This blog is very impressive indeed in terms of depth and feelings. Thanks for sharing.


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