Strangers together


Awkward silence? These two reminded me of sitting on the tube with no book or newspaper to bury your head in. The person opposite doesn’t either. Where do you look? On the floor? Pretend to read the tube map, the adverts? Trying desperately not to catch their eye? Looking everywhere else but the direction in which you naturally want to? Awkward isn’t it?

I wonder if he or she said hello. I wonder if they were afraid to. I wonder if they feared rejection, a beastly metamorphosis from the other that would cause the adrenaline fueled fight or flight response to swell in their stomachs. I wonder if they feared they would get the pleasant sarcastic smile that says “Please don’t talk to me, I want to eat in peace and plan the rest of my day, or replay the morning’s events and what I should’ve said to the not so nice person I had the pleasure of dealing with earlier.”

Oh well, at least for now we’ll just be two strangers sharing a bench.

One love 🙂



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