I walk alone


This man was the only person walking along this side of the waterfront. It made me think about the difference between loneliness and being alone. Are you content with being alone? Do you enjoy your own company, happy being with yourself and your thoughts? Are you lonely, even around people, friends, loved ones?

There have been times when I’ve been surrounded by people yet feel quite lonely. It has been described as social pain – a psychological mechanism to alert an individual of isolation… Many people find themselves in this position, often concealing this feeling of isolation with ‘happy masks’. There have also been times when I’m quite happy to be on my own, where I want to be on my own…happily. Does that make me a social recluse? We often associate being alone with being lonely and I just wondered if we ever thought about the difference between the two.

“I am never less alone, than when am alone” (James Howell). One love 🙂


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