How many of us associate dreadlocks with marijuana? Do we assume that because someone has dreadlocks that they indulge in getting a herbal high? Many associate these locks with Rastafarianism but this is not the only religion or sect that place importance on the growing of one’s mane. These locks have long been associated with power and spiritual status and have been donned by priests and deities dating back centuries and across various religions. Even the mighty Spartans have been known to grow their locks. Many compare having dreadlocks to lions….kings of the jungle.

How many of us from the ‘tree hugging’ generation grew locks, smoked marijuana, wore tie dye, head bands, ate only vegetables and fish, and danced around to the rhythm of drums to reach a spiritual high and a feeling of oneness with mother earth?

How many of us grow our locks as a fashion statement? How many of us frown at people with dreadlocks and see the wearer as being ‘dirty’? How many of us see dreadlocks as sexy? Why are we placing such importance on hair anyway? Just a thought. One love 🙂


2 thoughts on “Locks

  1. Mine are for looks and individuality. I used to work at a bar and I got a lot of compliments but also alot of negativity. I don’t smoke weed but alot of people assume I do. I had someone once ask if I ever got fleas! I had two customers look at each other while one said to the other, “suprisingly she doesn’t smell like patchouli!” People ask if I ever wash my hair. But this is an opportunity to educate the ignorant I guess.


    • And educate the ignorant we must!…patchouli? Really?! As for the weed question, I get asked that a lot when people find out I’m Jamaican…and for the record, no I don’t. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the comment. It would be really good to hear some more from other people who wear dreads. One love 🙂


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