5 thoughts on “Coffee break

  1. This image reminds me of a new “coffee van” in Camden Market (london) by the main bridge. It represents a traditional Portuguese tram of Lisbon (Tram number 28, to be more precise), and the couple there sell delicious “Pasteis de Nata” which can be translated into Custard Tarts, they are served warm, with cinnammon sprinkled on top. Hot drinks also at available. Really yummy! If yourself or anyone is interested here’s their website to find out more: http://www.nata28.co.uk

    You have a good eye for black & white photography 🙂


    • Thank you. I’m hoping to visit Camden before the end of the month so will check it out. I absolutely love black and white photography! There’s so much to see when you take the colours away. Colour tends to make things too obvious. Monochrome for me gives rise to the creative eye. One love 🙂


      • You’re welcome. Yes, just as you walk along the bridge on the left hand side (say from Camden Town tube station towards Chalk Farm station), turn left and you’ll find it right there. It’s got a big Portuguese flag (which is green and red mainly, so you can’t miss it).
        I do love colours, as you can see from my blog, however, I also find monochrome photography/compositions very interesting and creative too.


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