A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. How strong are you as a link in your social chain, your professional chain? Is your focus the team or yourself? Do you do what you want to do without thinking of how your actions may affect that chain? What about your family? Are you doing your part to keep the bond strong, or are you jeopardising the integrity of the chain by not pulling your weight?

What can we do to strengthen the links that bind that chain? Is it by developing our skills in the workplace by undertaking training, by helping out a colleague if they’re struggling? In our relationships do we actively show love instead of just saying it?

As a person, what is the weak link in our chain? Do we honestly look introspectively at ourselves and is comfortable with what we see? Do we fall asleep at night thinking that we have made a positive impact on someone, however small? Are we allowing life to put pressure on our emotional link causing it to weaken and affect the rest of our chain? Are we in a position to identify our weak link or do we trust someone to point it out? Nobody’s perfect but we are all linked as a people, a race, a species. Why not try and prevent that link from breaking. All we need is love, no?

One love 🙂


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