There’s always one!


How many times have you thought of or used that expression? It could be in your personal, social or professional life. “There’s always bloody one!” I find that this phrase is usually accompanied by a head in hand being slowly shaken (smh in text talk), either preceded or followed by a lengthy sigh. Sometimes it is said after we’ve picked ourselves up off the floor, clutching our sides and wiping tears from our eyes because we’ve been laughing so hard.

Ever heard yourself saying that about someone at work? The ‘one’ who always has something to say? The ‘one’ who is always grumpy and negative? Have you ever looked back at photos and think that about the ‘one’ who ruined a perfectly good shot? Do you have that ‘one’ who makes you feel special, like you’re worth something?

Ever found yourself planning an outing or a holiday as a group and everyone is in agreement about what to do…except ‘one’?

Scenario: You have spent the last two and a half hours in a mind-numbing training session or seminar where you’ve been battling with sleep. Your head feels so heavy you think  it’s going to fall off. You feel like your brain has been reduced to mulch and is about to start leaking out of your ears. You’ve been clock watching for the last half hour, your mind saturated with information as you sit there with glazed over eyes trying your best to look even the slightest bit interested in what the speaker is saying. You’re thinking “He/she’s already given me a copy of the powerpoint, why am I sitting here looking at this damn screen listening to her/him read word for word from the slide what (s)he’s just given me?!….please God take me now!” (I hope I’m not the only one who’s been subjected to such torture!).

Anyway, said training session/lecture/seminar is drawing to a close and the last slide reads: “QUESTIONS”.  You sit there trying to sneakily pack up your belongings, daring someone to put a hand up, while at the same time saying a silent prayer pleading with whomever not to put their hand up!


Then what happens? Someone asks a question! You feel the tension rise in the room as you are joined by your comrades in boredom letting out that sigh, that mutter, that prayer that has just turned from a plea into a request to smite the bastard that have just decided to keep you in this clinical, magnolia painted, fluorescent bathed torture chamber for another eternity, by asking a question! You slink back in your seat, defeated, shaking your head and quietly muttering to yourself…”There’s always one!” (I find that for effect most of us usually insert an expletive somewhere in there 🙂 ).

Here’s another one. Let’s say there’s a big celebration of some sort. You hope and pray to every god you’ve ever heard of that everything goes well (Let’s throw some alcohol in the mix). The evening starts well. A few hours and a few more drinks later, someone…that one…does or says something stupid and the evening is ruined. There’s always one!

How many times in our family gatherings we end up saying “there’s always one” when referring to a particular family member?

And so the big question is…..are YOU that one? The one who wants to go home early because you’re bored and you are the designated driver? The one who the whole class was held back for because you wouldn’t follow instructions? The one who wants to go sightseeing when everyone else wants to laze by the pool and nurse their hangovers? The ‘killjoy’? Are you the one who asked the damn question?!


But then why shouldn’t you ask the question? Why shouldn’t you be independent and do what you want instead of following the crowd? Why are you resigning yourself to peer pressure? What’s wrong with being different…unique? Are you going to prevent yourself from doing what you want to do or being who you want to be because you don’t want to stand out? Are you afraid?

How many of us wanted to ask a question but didn’t because we were afraid of the reaction asking would solicit? How many of us shut up and not do what we want in order to keep the peace, to still be accepted, to not be the outcast and be isolated? Are we so hungry for acceptance? Are we individuals or lemmings? Who dares to be the black sheep, the ‘sore thumb’? Personally, I don’t think that’s me. I’m a ‘blend in’ kind of guy. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is that no matter where you are, who you’re with, what you are doing, there will always be that one!

One love. 🙂

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