Hakuna Matata


So here I am in my local café. Having a coffee and watching the world passing me by. Today, for the first time in a long time I feel…content. A state of peaceful happiness. For me that’s an incredible state of being. For the first time in a long while I have no worries, I am content within myself. I feel ‘light’. I miss this feeling. I feel like nothing or no-one can/will break my spirits. Things are moving ahead for me. I no longer feel the mix of emotions that is associated with changing jobs, the ever changing currents of my mental state that leaves me yearning for….contentment. The feeling that my life is stagnant, that I’m just a grain of sand on a beach that occasionally gets ‘refreshed’ by the sea. An insignificant member of the human race who is not seen or heard and who won’t be missed should I disappear.

Today the world is filled with colour and vibrancy. I’d imagine that this is what it’s like when people talk about meditation and emptying your mind of all thoughts, focussing on the present, not looking behind or ahead. If this is what is achieved by meditating, It’s a place I welcome. My posts are often quite ‘heavy’ so today I share a more positive me. A me that, even for a brief moment, is happy within myself, happy to ‘go with the flow’. A me that is happy where I am. Is this where I want to be? If I can grab hold of this feeling, be in this place forever? Then hell yes! One love 🙂



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