Today I went with a few friends to an exhibition at the Natural History Museum by one of my favourite black and white photographers, Sebastiao Salgado. I won’t go into the history of the man and his work here but he is truly an inspiration to me and his photos are out of this world! Following the exhibition we took the small trek next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I experienced both modern and ancient works of art today. I witnessed the advances in technology and how this can be used to create the incredible art form that is photography. I saw how technology has aided photographers by not only providing the tools of the trade but by also providing the various means of transport that allow them to capture nature in it’s rawest, most natural form. It reminded me of how much we take the environment around us for granted and how disrespectful we can be to nature in the name of modernisation. It also made me marvel at the spectacular natural wonders that are forged from natural elements and see some of the people who haven’t been exposed to and brainwashed by modern civilisation.

I was also taken back in time at the V&A to explore the brilliance of architects, sculptors, masons, artists and artisans of yesteryear. I still stare in awe at the incredible detail that these people included in their works with such limited resources. If you can imagine the primitive tools that were available centuries ago that were used to create such masterpieces, you can surely appreciate the ‘awesomeness’ of these gifted individuals.

I decided to focus on architecture and sculptures today to highlight the brilliance of our forefathers. I’m glad we have managed to preserve some of their work to share with our generation and the ones that will follow. What legacy will we leave for our children? One love.

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14 thoughts on “Art-tastic!

  1. Lovely. I often marvel myself at the precision and substantial sculpting of marble in forms unimaginably created by old technology. Mastery at its best.


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