Man/Woman in the mirror

ImageWhen you look into a mirror who do you see? I read a post from a fellow blogger last night and her reply to my comment made me reflect today. When I look in the mirror I see a man who is constantly fighting battles in his head. I see a man who focuses on what has been instead of what is to become. I see a man who is trying to convince himself that his life is of worth, instead of acknowledging that the laugh lines, the emerging wrinkles, the scars, are not blemishes but trophies and rewards that have made him a more distinguished, wiser, individual. I see a man who is afraid to embrace change instead of seeing the man that created and will continue to create change. I see a man who questions life instead of seeing a man celebrating it.

I try to wash it off. Sometimes I see a refreshed, rejuvenated man. Other times I see a man who smears his worries, his concerns, his past, his future all over what is the beauty that was created. But what I was reminded of today was to face my worries, problems, future  “with hope, not hopelessness. Face them with love, not hate. Face them with light, not dark.” “Face them knowing that you are strong enough to deal with them, not with the fear of not being able to pull through.” “…if you never face and solve your problems, if you never accept and forgive your past, you will never be free.

Today wasn’t a particularly great day for me, but there are many of you bloggers who do what you without even realising the influence…the positive influence you have on your readers. I have been inspired by many of you and I hope that I can return the favour to other readers.  I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s good getting feedback from virtual strangers than from someone you know personally. I guess you get a more objective approach to handling things than from someone with whom you have a personal connection. I am blessed to be a part of this community…correction, FAMILY. One love.


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