Beauty Pageants

Miss England and Miss USA have been named for the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant. I am beside myself with excitement! Yawn. All these beauty pageants, Miss World, Miss Universe, Mr. Universe, etc. Why? I must be turning into a grumpy young man! They even have children’s pageants. I remember watching a program the other day about children’s pageants and the preparation needed to give children as young as three the opportunity to win a tiara and a sash.

We moan about money and the state of the economy and how hard life is, but we spend thousands tarting up our kids just so they can be given a label? The funny thing is, the people spending the thousands are the people who don’t have it! People, stop trying to live your lives through your children. Let them be children. Stop filling their heads with this superficial nonsense!

We all think our children are gorgeous, myself included, and I can’t wait to take my phone out to start boasting about how beautiful she is to people. I even have a photo of her as the wallpaper on my phone. I know I’m not the only parent who does this. This however, does not mean that I’m going to teach her how to smile, how to catwalk, how to pose, buy her expensive makeup and put her on show to the world.

Can you imagine what it would do to her confidence if we saturate her ego with compliments about how beautiful she is, that she’s prettier than everyone else and she doesn’t even make the final round in the competition? She’ll grow up forever sticking her fingers down her throat after every meal and hiding behind makeup. Either that or going the opposite direction and eating herself to death because of the depression brought on by the world not thinking she’s beautiful.

Let’s talk about the adults now. I remember watching a few pageants and I’m sorry to say this, and I mean no offence, but generally speaking, you know the whole beauty and brains saying? Sadly it has been confirmed by quite a lot of these models. My favourite part of the pageant is the interviews. Is it just me or do all of them want to heal the world, save the children, eradicate poverty, empower women or work for the United Nations? Personally, I can’t take someone seriously who has a smile permanently fixed to their face while trying to answer a fairly serious question. I mean you can see the “S**t how am I going to answer this one?” expression behind the smile of some of them sometimes. Keep smiling, maybe you will mesmerise the judges with your bleached teeth, blood red lipstick and dashing beauty and hopefully, just maybe, they’ll let you off for speaking such b*******! After all beauty is not just skin deep!

I love women and I can appreciate a good looking lass with a good body. These women don’t even make the pageants and can put most of them on stage to shame. Yeah ok there are some fairly decent looking girls on stage but I suppose because I find the whole thing so shallow and demeaning to women, I fail to see the wow factor in any of these women. It’s like, “Look I’m a size nothing with an hour glass figure! Tee Hee Hee”……Please!

We all want our women and men to be physically attractive but I’m sure we need that emotional and mental connection in order to complete the puzzle. If my woman cannot stimulate me mentally, then I find it a little bit harder to find her sexy and appealing. I’m sure it’s the same with women and their men. The point of all this…yes there was a point to it, is what is your type? Do you have a type? Did you get together with your ideal person? Is there an ideal person? Do you try to turn your current partner into your ideal person? Are you waiting for your ideal person? you might be waiting a long time!

I think we all have a type or preference. As much as we say we don’t, we do! If we didn’t then we’d all be in happy fruitful relationships. We must have a type if we’re to be attracted to some people and not others. We only say we don’t have a type because it sounds good. None of this “As long as he/she has a good sense of humour and makes me laugh” nonsense. Are we restricting ourselves to the possibilities of finding a good partner because we are looking for a particular ‘type’? Think about it.

Women I love you. Always have and always will. Don’t let them get you down with all this beauty rubbish and make you feel that you’re insignificant or ugly because you don’t look like them. Your intelligence, sense of humour, kind, caring personalities will enhance your outer physical beauty. Besides, have you ever seen some of these models without makeup or Photoshop? One love.


7 thoughts on “Beauty Pageants

  1. I don’t watch those competitions because most the women in them aren’t my type. Well, I’m not gay, however, I appreciate beautiful women – but it seems to be that I have a different idea of a beautiful woman than the people who judge in those shows. There are so many beautiful women out there but I notice that I usually only find the ones attractive that also have intelligence and stand for something. I also don’t have a problem with saying that I find certain women beautiful and don’t understand why some women always have to be so negative about other women.

    When it comes to men I have to admit I don’t really pay much attention anymore. I don’t believe in love anymore, so I also don’t have to look out for someone who looks like “my type”. Many women find George Clooney attractive, I find him a bit sleazy. So he wouldn’t be my type but I’ve never met him so I couldn’t say whether I’d actually like him as a person or not. I think Ian McKellen is a stunning man, but that doesn’t really have much to do with looks but with the whole package. I also just absolutely LOVE Patrick Stewart. Lookswise I find Adrian Paul, Joe Lando and Thranduil (the elvish king in the Hobbit – not the actor who plays him and would most likely look very different in real life) very attractive. I don’t know whether there’s enough in common between all of them to make up “my type”….

    Years ago, I thought “my type” would be a man with chocolate coloured skin, brown eyes and long black hair. I made the mistake of marrying my type because I thought that no man who looks a bit like a certain someone could EVER be a bad person. Wrong, so very wrong.

    So I have learned my lesson to not judge people on certain looks. There are looks I enjoy very much and looks I have changed my opinion about. It’s okay to enjoy beauty but it’s not okay to make decisions solely on someone’s look.


    • I agree. I think many of us choose looks because we want to have that ‘trophy’ to show off to our mates. Sad but true. I like different physical traits but I don’t have a particular person who ticks all the boxes. As for the love thing, I wouldn’t say I don’t believe in it, I’m just putting it on hold. How long for? How long is a piece of string?! 😉


  2. a-ma-zing 🙂

    You are such a great person, for writing this in a way that makes women (me) believe you are right 🙂 (I often read things like this, but I always think “yeah but”, but yours is convincing)

    I have a type but over the last two years I learned to let go of it a little. I mean: I always said it was weird to fall in love with someone 20+ years older than you and the guy before my ex was… 18 years older. I fell for him instantly and had a hard time to get over it (we dated a few times, but he didn’t want anything from it since he thinks the age difference is way too big, and after two years I can say: he was right :p)

    I used to say I couldn’t fall for people shorter than me, I have been with someone shorter than me and my last ex wasn’t that tall either. When I was 14 I used to say that I thought it was weird to fall for someone younger than yourself (if you are the woman), but in the meantime half of my relationships were with men who are 2 years younger than me.

    So now I have a big issue with people who are married and cheat on their wives/men. And I cannot figure out how someone would want to be with someone who is married or in any “commited” relationship even. But this is the first and only time I’ll say this before I’ll end up in those shoes. That would be terrible :s so I’ll have to stick with this type:

    compatible personality, cute, unmarried (single), good sense of humour (;) yup I put it in here), likes/loves me just as much as I love him and a compatible life style would be nice :p

    As I said: it’s easy to make lists, but when cupid hits you… you might not know what you get. Maybe men are like a box of chocolats as well 😀


    • Bless you. Mission accomplished! 🙂 My first long term relationship when I moved to London (5yrs) was with a lovely woman who was 6′ 2″ and 13 yrs older than me. I’m 5′ 9″ Didn’t bother me one bit.
      We had a fantastic time together. We had similar interests and she made me feel that I was important to her and made me a priority. I did the same. She was gorgeous and had the most beautiful pair of eyes that strangely changed colour depending on her mood, lighting and what she wore. One minute they’d be deep blue, the next, almost slate grey. Other times they seemed to be a combination of blue, green and grey! I guess the only thing with the age gap was her wanting to settle down and I wasn’t quite ready yet.
      I haven’t been with that many women to firmly establish my ‘type’ but eyes, smiles and calves…yeah ok i’m a bit of a freak, do it for me.
      Not the be all and end all as I can’t be attracted to someone if they can’t hold a decent conversation. I’m a quiet guy generally but if I’m on to the right person you can’t get me to shut up! 😉


  3. Very true. I myself have been caught up in the vainness of working out tirelessly to acheive the envied body that is magazine worthy. Now, being fit and healthy is a good thing and is encouraged by physicians. Just recently we had some health professionals come by the office for a “health screen”. So I rushed to get my stats only to be told sorry but you fall in the obese category, now, I’m 6ft tall 212 lbs an active exerciser only to have my ego struck down. Well, following that report I bumped up my game no longer eating fried food I’ve embarked on a fruits, greens and steamed meat diet and boy I’m seeing results but embedded in the back of my mind is the idea that I’m not attractive, not up to standard which impacts my outlook of myself . Interestingly, I’ve been getting lots of compliments on how younger and trimmed I look hhhhmmm but deep down inside I’m like “yea I’m not even looking at you, you piece of isht” . We have to take great care in ensuring that external influences does not marr our self esteem or else we will be a brainwashed turpitude. Let no one dictate how good you should feel or look. I look in the mirror and I love what I see!


    • Did you think that you were obese before they told you so? Screw the BMI and whatever other indicators they use to determine obesity. Don’t get sucked in Dre. Do what makes you happy not what or how you ‘think’ people want or expect you to look. Like you said, you love what you see when you look in the mirror. Leave it at that. 🙂


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