Why is good bad and bad good?

Why is it that we like to dig for negatives in good things? Can we not just be happy, accept them and move on? Remember school days when being clever was akin to having leprosy? How many of us didn’t want to declare our ‘good’ grades for fear of being labelled a nerd or geek? How many of us intentionally got lower grades than we were capable of in order to fit in? Why was wearing glasses, especially with thick lenses a guarantee to get you placed at the foot of the social ladder…that didn’t even have anything to do with being clever! I’m sorry if I’d like to see where I’m going!

Why is that when we behave like we should and stay out of trouble we get labelled as ‘goodie two shoes’ or have people bully us because we think we are ‘better’ than them? Why is it that when we dress smart, wear clean clothes and shoes and make an effort with our appearance that we get labelled boring and stuck up? How many of us play monkey and dress a particular way because the gangster rappers dress like that, and even though half of them are in prison for doing some wrong we still think it’s ‘cool’ to emulate them? Why is it that when we speak properly and not use the ‘f’ word or one of its many variants after every word in a sentence that we get labelled as being posh? Well excuse me if I want to be successful at that job interview!

Why is it that when we bully people and misbehave that we are the most popular person around? Why do we laugh at other peoples’ misfortunes? Why are our lives celebrated and made into blockbuster films when we spent it killing, selling drugs, pimping and extorting others? Why are we glued to the TVs, internet, radios, and newspapers to catch up on the latest scandal that defames someone to boost the media’s ratings? Why is it that we quickly forget a good deed but talk about negative ones for extended periods of time? Why do we refer to good things or things we like as ‘wicked’, ‘sick’, ‘bad’, ‘s**t’ and other words that portray the opposite of what we actually think or feel?

Is it any surprise then that people are less willing to help others, to show kindness, to show appreciation, to openly show affection? Why is it when someone does or offers to do something for us that we think they have a motive? Why do we get suspicious or scared? What if you were stranded and wanted a lift somewhere. How many people would stop and give you lift? Would you stop to pick someone up? How many of us would let a stranger use our mobile phone to make a phone call? How many of us would give a beggar some change to get something to eat? How many of us would find something of value and hand it in instead of flogging it on ebay? How many of us would blow the whistle if someone was doing something illegal but we benefited from it?

How many of us believe that being good is bad? One love.


2 thoughts on “Why is good bad and bad good?

  1. You ask many good questions that people should think about. Yes, indeed, why do we have to keep certain things hidden or even lie about them? Why can’t we be open about the things we like without being judged in a negative way?
    I was bullied at school A LOT because I had excellent marks in many subjects. People, however, failed to see that I was really bad at maths and chemistry. They often came to me when they needed help in other subjects, but never helped me in return. I also wasn’t too good at PE and a lot of fun was made because of that. However, one of the “bad” guys was also really bad but no one cared. It’s a strange world we live in and even though my school days are in the past, I am sure that things have not changed much.


    • You’re right, things haven’t changed much at all. I think one of the reasons we try to hide being good is because society perceives this is as being weak…not quite sure how or why but unfortunately it happens. I was fortunate enough to have a good high school experience and was more or less left alone and had many friends. The friends I had though didn’t have the ‘herd’ mentality and I guess that’s why we got on so well. Unfortunately, because of our fears, our lives can be significantly affected through these experiences. Even in our adult lives, we come under pressure if we excel in the workplace. Where or when will it end?


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