I’m gay…yeah, and???

Yes I’m going to go there. What’s the issue with people being gay? Do people have a go at you for being straight? Leave them the hell alone! They are people just like you and me. Their blood is the same colour. Can they not do the same things that you and I can do? They are just as creative, just as intelligent, just as strange as we are!

There has been a huge furore in the media lately about gay marriage. Why? Are we saying that two people who love each other aren’t allowed to get married because they love someone who is of the same gender? How narrow minded and ignorant can we be?!

Let’s look at a few things before we move on. The church supposedly condemns homosexuality. Ok….What about thou shalt not kill? How many religious wars have there been and how many people have died at the hands of us in the name of God? Thou shalt not fornicate….I don’t think I need to elaborate on that one. Thou shalt not commit adultery..don’t need to comment on this one either. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not covet. Love one another as I have loved you. Do I need to go any further? I grew up in church and I have read the bible so I know what’s in it! Church leaders messing about with the alter boys. People committing various sins, going to confession and being told to say Hail Marys for absolution, and then that makes it ok? Oh, you can sin but as long as you confess your sins and pray for forgiveness it’ll be fine? I’ve known churches that have tried to exorcise the ‘demon’ that is homosexuality from people! Can you believe that?!

We discriminate against homosexuals just as we discriminate against class, race, gender, nationality, disability, even addresses for crying out loud. I grew up in a very homophobic country and although I had a few gay friends in high school, we had to keep it down for fear of their safety. I have many heterosexual as well as gay friends and we get on just fine. We hate what we don’t understand and I think that makes us one sad bunch.

Two people love each other, want to spend the rest of their lives together and want to make a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other in front of God. What’s wrong with that? Are we saying that there are no gay Christians? Well why don’t heterosexuals have civil partnerships instead of getting married then? Why do we allow heterosexuals to get married in church when they don’t believe in God but it makes great wedding photos? “Oooh I really like that church. Let’s find out how much it costs and get married there. Then we can go to the reception and drink til we can’t stand or see straight!” Can you see anything wrong with this picture?

Yeah alright, some homosexuals can be a bit over the top and love to exaggerate the whole gay and proud philosophy, and I admit I find it a bit distasteful when they really go overboard with it. I don’t find it particularly comfortable watching a bunch of men dressed in pink sequined hot pants and boob tubes violently gyrating while waving their rainbow flags to Madonna, Kylie or Abba’s Dancing Queen. I am equally uncomfortable watching women dressed in baggy jeans and vests covered in tattoos and piercings swaggering like one leg is three inches shorter than the other.  Having said that, there are also many if not more flamboyant heterosexuals who also go overboard sometimes.

Our sexual orientation is our business and we should be left alone to love who we want to love and be with whoever we want to. I know some of you will come back preaching to me about why gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married, be together or even be alive. Save your time and energy. I have my own opinion and noone is going to convince me otherwise. I love people regardless of whatever their preference and I believe that if we limit ourselves to the type of people society or the church tells us to like then we are preventing ourselves from making some wonderful friends. Have we not got enough to worry about? One love.

10 thoughts on “I’m gay…yeah, and???

  1. Respecting each human being is something we all should practice the bible says love one another as I have loved you. We are not in any authority position to combat the issue of gayness. No one has concrete evidence to diagnose the construct of this lifestyle. But some may argue reasoning that marriage is the institution that fosters procreation. Rightly so as evidenced from the begining of mankind. Respecting this institution I would respectfully agree that a partnership is a more appropriate category to afford our brothers n sisters who so desire to be joined together in union.


    • Thanks for the comments dre. If marriage is an institution that fosters procreation what about couples that don’t wish to or can’t have children? What about middle aged couples who want to tie the knot after they’d already had their children? Over the years there have been so many ‘add-ons’ to marriage that many people just can’t be arsed. Seems more like a business contract as opposed to a contract of love. I don’t see why there has to be an issue.

      People get married nowadays for a host of different reasons. The whole ‘institution’ of marriage has been watered down and twisted so much that it’s original purpose is almost defunct. Don’t get me wrong, many people get hitched for the right reasons and wish to fulfill the purpose of the institution, myself included. I only ever wished to get married once and since that didn’t work out I have no intention of doing it again…that opinion may be subject to change, but for now, I don’t want to go there again.

      I think marriage has become more of a label than an institution. The point is love. I believe people should be given the freedom of choice. Does it mean that because someone is gay, or finds out later on in their life mean that they should forsake their Christian beliefs and that being gay makes their Christianity null and void? Many ‘institutions’ have their rules and often those rules have been changed or updated due to the change in circumstances. Remember when the church was against contraception? Remember when women weren’t allowed to hold high positions in the church?
      I’m gonna get off the religion thing because that wasn’t the original intention of the post. It was more one of acceptance and allowing people to freely declare and/or exercise their chosen orientation or lifestyle without fear of reprisal. Food for thought anyway. One love.


  2. I can relate to much of the social matters mentioned in the article and absolutely believe that we cannot ignore this fact of life. Being a product of a society that disdain the fact (homosexuality) I often find myself cautiously evaluating what I say and how it may be interpreted. Having exposure to a first world experience of showing love n affection for friends n family of both genders I find I have realized that the fabric of love is not a sexual attraction to others but caring n sharing genuinely a close connection that binds people, animals or any living creature that breathes.


  3. Looking into the eyes of my two lil dogs often reminds me that the need to be loved, cared for or touched is a key part of social nourishment to mankind and a potent ingredient to ones esteem and stability.


  4. Some people say homosexuality is not natural, not normal – but when you look into the animal kingdom, you’ll find so many species who have one or the other gay couple. I only have to look at the pigeons we keep here. Some of the boys have boyfriends and some of the girls eagerly build nests with another female pigeon. And no pigeon pecks on them or makes fun of them. It’s only humans who make such a big deal and who put stamps and labels on everything.
    I think that you fall in love with a soul, not with a gender.


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