Your dreams can come true?

Can they really? I was playing around with some photos today and while I was practicing I remembered a conversation I had with a friend the other day about our children and ambition and dreams and how we address these with our children.

“You can be anything you want to be darling.” How many of us have said this to our children? How many of us have been told this by our parents? How many of us have realised our dreams? Is it wrong to dream or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? Is dreaming causing us to create some sort of false hope that will never materialise? Is it a kind of coping mechanism for escaping the reality that we are currently living in?

The optimists among us will say “Of course your dreams can come true, If you want it badly enough you will work hard for it.” Whereas in most cases this may be true, many of us know what or where we would like to be but know that REALISTICALLY that will never happen. Am I lying? Does that mean that we should stop dreaming and stop being ambitious? What if you thought your dream came true but that dream turned into a nightmare as it was in my case? Do you keep following the same dream or do you accept that maybe that dream wasn’t meant for you?

What if you had a nightmare that by some strange twist of fate caused one of your dreams to come true. Is that possible? I read a proverb recently that said: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” How many of us became butterflies?

I like ambitious go-getters. I admire people who never lack determination and drive and wade through what seems like custard at times to realise their dreams. What happens after our dream(s) come true? I am by no means depressed or down but am just wondering, what is the point of dreaming? Is there a difference between dreaming and ambition? I dream to have a family, have a detached house in the suburbs, go on holiday at least twice a year and not have to worry about how my bills will get paid. That doesn’t mean that I’m not ambitious.

“Believe and your dreams will come true.” Another famous phrase that is floating around. I think they left out the “work your arse off” part. You can believe all you want but if you don’t put the effort in, your dream is not going to fall in your lap. Even if your dream is to be rich, you still have to earn the £1 to buy your lottery ticket!

I’m a dreamer, and I will continue to be one. Whether or not those dreams will come true is partly dependent on me and partly on fate. I am a believer, and I will continue to believe. Whether my dreams or beliefs is false hope, they are what keep me going so I say dream on!

One love 🙂


17 thoughts on “Your dreams can come true?

  1. I often wonder where I would be today if I would have received more support throughout my life – whether I would be living my dreams now instead of giving up on them or picking up the broken pieces. I was often told (by family and “friends”) that artists aren’t workers, that artists don’t earn money and can’t be taken seriously. I should aim to become this or that or this…. Every time I did something creative, it was like running against a wall full-speed.
    I don’t think I’ll ever have kids (love is one of the things I stopped believing in) but if I ever had any, I would support them in whatever they want to become (as long as it’s not a murderer or something similarly bad). Support is such an important thing and the older I become, the more I realize how empty a life without support by other people is.


    • Thanks for the comment Wairuanor. I know exactly what you mean. I think my family dreamt for me when I was growing up too. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do/be and was ‘lovingly’ pressured into making certain decisions. I understand that they were looking out for me and wanted me to be financially comfortable. I made their dream my dream because I wanted them to be proud of me and I wanted them to be happy. The older I got the more I started to believe that although money can make life more comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. I’d rather be a happy pauper than a miserable millionnaire. I had one dream and that dream was ruined. I’ve moved on and am happy now. I will continue to follow my dreams only without rose tinted goggles. As for the love thing, don’t know about that one.
      Keep following your dreams, keep doing your art, keep writing. If it makes you happy then your dream has come true. You’re absolutely right about how empty life can be without support. One love


      • Hello Damo, thanks for your long reply.
        In the case of my family, it was more like them being worried about what other people would think about the family being “normal”. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to their advice to become a banker. I would have been miserable!
        I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog in the future – I like your writing!


  2. agree 100% …… dream on … and work for that! But we also need support, love and courage …… and also fear … a friend once said ‘fear is the measurement you have of how much you have to work to make your dreams come true’. And I believe he was right!


    • Arturo, it is also the belief that you will get to your destination even though you are driving blindfolded! You’re absolutely right about support, love and courage. Some of us manage to do it even without them, either because we didn’t have the support network or because we’ve been let down by the people whose opinion and support mattered to us most. They didn’t, or refused to accept our dream/vision. Much respect to them who went on and did it anyway. One love brother.


  3. Dreams will always have potential to turn I to reality. I have had some horrible nightmares, but through each one I have found so many positive things to draw from. Maybe im a glass half full person, but I think through every situation there is time to reflect and turn it around, learn lessons. I also believe that if you are able to help people livetheir dreams, give them feedback, positive encouragement, then do it. Never give up . Pick yourself up . Dust yourself off. Be the person you dream of being x


  4. There’s nothing wrong with being happy with who you are, what you are and where you are in life. We worry too much about our ‘targets’ and ‘goals’. Be good at what you do now, dont spoil it because you strive for something better.


    • Lisa this is so true! Does it mean then that we shouldn’t still pursue our dreams, even if it’s for our own self gratification? I’m not sure whether or not i’m happy with where i am but i’m trying my best to accept and be happy with it.xx


  5. I am a caterpillar 🙂

    I have been away because I am, once again, looking for a house to buy. And I found one…. Was really convinced I wanted it, until someone else bought it right before I could make an offer (and I saw a new picture of my ex looking happy as always which hurt me, even though I know he will be happy without me sometimes, I actually had a physical relation of heath and sadness)

    That was yesterday 🙂 today I found a better house AND my dad is willing to help me with the finances 🙂

    I turned into a butterfly ^^

    I actually just wanted to tell you that I haven’t left WordPress, just a little (too) busy at the moment to blog, just in case you were wondering 😀 I kind of think if you of some new great (but virtual) friend. Thank you for that btw.



    • I wondered where you’d disappeared to. That is fantastic news! I’m so pleased for you. You have indeed turned into a butterfly! Don’t worry about the ex, you will be happy too. Don’t forget it’s still early days. I’m really proud of you for what you’ve achieved in such a short period of time. Good luck with the house and keep posting. I want to know what’s happening. Are you still doing the skydive? You’ve got a friend in me always. Good luck with everything. 🙂


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