Nanny State

ImageAre we victims of the ‘Nanny State’? There are so many laws, rules, regulations, legislature, statutes, restrictions imposed on us by our loving politicians with the aim of ‘protecting’ us. Are they protecting us or are they trying to control us? Is there such a thing as freedom of choice anymore? They tell us when to go out, where to go, when to come in, where to walk, when to walk, who to talk to, where to sign, how much to spend. I feel sometimes that I’m spinning around on the spot! Next thing you know they’ll have us hopping on one leg, rubbing our bellies and patting our heads!

I agree for anything to succeed, operate smoothly, indeed survive, there has to be some kind of order, or what they want us to believe, some semblance of order. All I can see from the ‘Nanny State’ is war, suffering and countries going down the path of financial ruin! Sometimes I find myself getting so paranoid that even in the comfort of my own home I feel guilty if I throw an empty milk bottle in the general rubbish instead of recycling it. Is there such a thing as personal choice? Ok it’s not all gloom and doom and I can see the method in some of their madness but I have to admit that sometimes the method seems like madness reincarnated.

All the same I have to live with it so I’ll just continue to be the pawn that they move about their chess board as they see fit. As simple as a pawn might seem, there has been many a checkmate caused as a result of putting the pawns in the right places. The same pawn that protects the king can be the one that exposes it. Never underestimate the power of such a seemingly expendable piece.

ImageThe church. Is this where the ‘Nanny State’ evolved from? For centuries we have been taught that in order to go to the promised land, heaven, paradise, we must adhere to the commandments set by God, otherwise be subject to eternal damnation and hell fire! I grew up in church and that used to scare the living daylights out of me! We were told stories, preached to, blessed by the ‘inspired/chosen/anointed’ ones to believe that we will get to the pearly gates if we believe and do as we are told. If we have faith. Yet these are the same people who indecently assault little boys and girls, who dip into our tithes and offerings to finance their sometimes lavish lifestyles, who tell us to make all these oaths and yet break them themselves.

Church, faith, religion, a place or state of mind that defines hope, care, justice, peace and love for mankind, has been the initiator of so many conflicts around the world. How can you have religious crusades? Jihad? Holy wars? How the hell (I didn’t do that on purpose) can you have a ‘Holy’ war? Last time I checked, Holy meant sacred, revered. If that doesn’t give a hint of the desire to control then I don’t know what will. We go to church to pray for strength, hope, comfort, deliverance from the pressures imposed on us by the ‘Nanny State’ only to be told that if we don’t do this or that, then we can’t get to heaven. It seems like the two are intertwined in a plait so tight they have almost fused together. Is there a difference at all?

Is there such a thing as freedom of choice, personal choice, or are we just puppets being manipulated by the ‘Nanny State’? One love.

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