Meet the artist

Have you ever felt genuinely happy for someone? I feel so excited to hear when good things happen to people. We often hear about how hard life is, about tragedies, about hurt and pain. When I hear that something good has happened to someone I feel so happy for them. It’s like being deprived of water for days and someone gives me a drink. The feeling is like taking those first few gulps. That sigh that follows when I remove the cup from my lips. That refreshing, cool sensation of the water quenching the parchness that is my withering oesophagus as it flows toward my stomach.

So much negativity, all over, in all forms of the media and in our lives, that the oasis that is something positive, something good, something special, often gets treated like a mirage in the desert and quickly disappears instead of being lauded and celebrated. Forget humility, why shouldn’t we shout from the rooftops, treat ourselves, boast? If only for a time, let’s smother ourselves in that feeling of elation. Let’s shiver in delight when all our hairs stand on end because of what we’ve achieved! Let’s take charge of the moment – own it, because it is ours! There’s the good old saying, “When something good happens, noone remembers, when something bad happens, noone forgets.” Let’s remember to forget the negative, enjoy our happy moments and celebrate our achievements. Today is a good day. Let’s charge ourselves with the positive things that have occurred, ready to take them into tomorrow.

Today I went to the Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill to support my mate holding his ‘Meet the Artist’ event. He has been given his glass of water and he is in for many more refills! Congratulations brother. Here’s a few photos of the day. Keep drinking. One love.









2 thoughts on “Meet the artist

  1. Dear Damian, thanks a lot for: 1st being there at the event, 2nd: taking wonderful pictures; 3rd: writing and posting wonderfully in your blog and last (but not least) reminding all of us to be happy for what it deserves !!! The pictures are simply wonderful, specially the B&W ones. You are a great photographer!!! Keep rocking! One Love!
    All the very best, Francesco


    • It’s always a pleasure mate. Relish the moment. I can see your ‘snowball’ getting bigger and bigger. Lots of love, encouragement and success coming your way pal. Keep the fire blazing! One love


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