“Don’t tell anyone but…” “Between me and you….” “You’re not gonna believe this but…” “You’ll never guess what?…” “Can you keep a secret?” “This doesn’t go any further…” “OH…MY…GOD!!” “Word on the street is…”

How many times have we heard these words? How many times have we uttered these words? Is it wrong to keep secrets? Are we being hypocrites if we deny knowing anything? Are we a people of liars? Can we trust people? The good old Chinese telephone. Why do we love to spread rumours? Are we so bored that we feel the need to make things up about people? I’ve said so many things, been so many places, done so many things, all without even opening my mouth or even lifting a finger! How many of you has this happened to? I find that the more quiet someone is, the more people just want to spread crap about them. The air of mystery that surrounds them is so unbearable that we decide to make things up about them to make their lives more ‘interesting’.

Why do we need to know anything about anyone we don’t have that much of a connection with? Some of us deliberately sew a seed of deceit and water it with lies. Some of us even do it to ourselves. Do we need to paint such a picture of ourselves to make people like us? Do we hate people so much or are filled with so much jealousy that we feel the need to spit venomous rumours about our fellow man? We make great hypocrites don’t we?

How many of us have been betrayed by someone we thought we could trust? I certainly have, and on more than one occasion.  I think my problem is that I trust people until they give me a chance not to. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The problem is, and it’s a sad one one, that my views now are swaying more towards guilty until proven innocent. I think my experiences and hurt is turning me into a ‘Don’t form an opinion about the book until you’ve read it!’ person. ‘Don’t like the movie just because you’ve seen the trailer/preview’. I know many people are the opposite of me – guilty until proven that you’re not a opportunist bastard who only wants to be my friend because you want something! But why? This saddens me.

We keep our cards close to our chests because we feel that if we open up to someone, they’ll expose us and throw our lives out in the open if something should happen between us. That’s usually where the rumours begin I suppose. It’s just too much work trying to keep up with the rumours and the lies. If you’ve got a bad memory it’s even more difficult for you, because if you mess up, then rumours will start to be spread about YOU! What a vicious cycle. I’m no tree hugger, radical free love advocate or anything like that, and I believe we need to be aware and protect ourselves from the poison darts blown at us. However, I do believe that in order to live together in harmony, especially in these trying times, we need to cut each other some slack and not add to our distress by constantly putting each other down. Did you know that the poorest people are some of the most loving? Why? Because they have nothing else to give. We are so consumed by greed that we will do anything to get to where we want to be, even if it means spreading rumours and speaking ill of people. Just remember that all the heads you step on in your attempt to get to the top of the ladder, are the same people you will go past should you fall from the top. I guarantee you that very few, if any, will stretch a hand out to try and catch you on the way down. Wake up people, all we have is each other. Spread the love. One love.


3 thoughts on “Shhh!!!

  1. interesting – I’ve always believed that it’s the greedy people who are the ones with the real mental health problems – if we locked them all away for our own good, we’d all be better off . . .


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