Gifted vs Talented

What is your gift? What special talent(s) are you blessed with? We have been working with the children about Greek myths the last couple of weeks. As they worked through this topic, exploring the different characters, the stories, the morals, their different interpretations, etc. I got thinking about gifts/talents that we have. The story of Icarus really got me. As we were going through different interpretations of myths and listened to the poem ‘Icarus‘ by Kate Tempest, I began thinking about what she said.

Some of us realise from quite young what our gift(s) is/are and these gifts are developed, through training, study, etc. Some of us gain or develop talents as we grow older. What do we do with these talents? How are they nurtured? Do we use them to achieve wealth and fame? Do we use them to help others less fortunate than we are? Do we use them for self gratification? I believe I have a few gifts, I’ve played quite a few sports to a competitive level, a couple at a national level. I have the gift of music, a gift that has been nurtured from an early age. I didn’t start playing an instrument until my late teens and took to it like a duck to water. Am I talented or do I have a gift? Are they two and the same? Some people take full advantage of their gifts and/or talents, and if fame is involved, tend to make decisions that aren’t necessarily the ones you or I would make….some of which unfortunately lead to their deaths.

Some of us will discover our gifts later on in life and some of us might never discover our gifts, even though we might use them constantly and are not aware. Many of us deny having any at all. Every gift is special. Some gifts are often taken for granted, probably because there isn’t some monetary value attached to them. Some gifts are acquired, e.g. my daughter. Can you think of your gift? If you had another gift, say sport, music, art, etc. how would you use it and what for? What about gifts that are not physical? (I hope you understood that) Being a great listener, a good motivator, a good friend. These are gifts as well, no? What about our five senses…some of us have more :)? I believe these are gifts, gifts that can be taken away from us. What would you consider a special gift?

Do you think we are born with gifts or talents? Do you believe that we get out what we put in, meaning if we work at something we can be successful at it? Become talented? Views please. One love.

2 thoughts on “Gifted vs Talented

  1. Yup, I definitely think some of us are born with these talents. Check this out, could you do this at 4 years old?!
    But, I also think that if we work hard, and we are determined to learn something, then we usually get there in the end!


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