What is love?

ImageWhat is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more….do you remember that tune? How you went nuts when that came on?…or was it just me? Quality! Anyway got thinking today (surprise surprise) about a comment I left on another blogger’s post. What is love?…I’m not gonna get too deep so you can stop rolling your eyes now! :D. Ok so we know there are different types of love (I think Wikipedia does a better job than me :P). Hands up who thinks love is a choice? I’m referring to Éros love.

I believe that we choose to love. I might be wrong on this one but hear me out. I believe that when we meet someone we fall in ‘like‘, meaning infatuation. This is concerned more with physical attraction as opposed to an emotional connection. I believe that over time, we grow to love. I also believe that ‘love’ is a work in progress. Something which we must constantly work at in order to to keep the ‘flame lit’ or the ‘engine running’. I believe that if we get complacent in love our ‘car’ stands a very good chance of breaking down. I believe that we need to take our ‘love’ in for regular inspection or M.O.T. in order to make sure that our car (love) is ‘healthy’ and running smoothly. Nothing’s perfect and every now again we might get a puncture, worn brake shoes, leaky radiators, whatever. These things can be fixed. If we choose to ignore them then our car is gonna stall. What things do we do to make sure our love doesn’t ‘break down’? Do we just say things?…taking the car for a valet so it looks good on the outside, or do we act on what we say?…changing the oil, making sure there’s enough coolant, changing the spark plugs.

What do you do to make sure that your love is running smoothly? Are you the only one driving the car relying on your sat nav, or do you have someone next to you being your navigator? Are you going to the same place, or are you going to let the other person out before you get to your destination? Are you speeding, or are you driving within the speed limit?

I believe love requires effort, teamwork, communication, patience, intimacy, understanding…the list goes on. This leads me to the next question…can you fall out of love? If you believe you don’t choose, but fall into it, can you fall out of it? And if you do fall out, can you fall back in again? I’m quite interested in hearing your views on this.

I really need to get out more! I think too much. One love. 🙂


8 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. Yeah… my ipad makes a noice whenever I get a comment 🙂 so that’s why I’m this quick. Obviously: I had to respond ^^

    I completely agree with you 🙂

    I believe you can call it love, but I also think it’s a matter of language… I am obviously not a native English speaking person :p and I truely believe in slight personal nuances in language. What is love?
    But I agree with you: love is not the same as infatuation… I don’t know if you can choose to fall in love.. in my opinion you don’t. And you also don’t choose to fall out of love.

    Everyone I ever loved is still in my heart, the only reason I am not “hurting” anymore about (some of) them is because I don’t see them. So I can’t feel those things 100% of the time. And when I do see them, I’m still okay since I don’t hear them… but I’m sure that if I went over and talked to them there is a chance the spark will come back. I also believe that is the reason why so many people get back together with their ex.

    I also know that we aren’t in the same “car” anymore, because we all have different destinations. Or maybe not; maybe we will get in the same “car” again in the future: who knows :p Still looking for the person to sit either next to me in my car so I can drive to our destination, or to get a ride from someone who I can help navigate towards our final destination 🙂

    I have been thinking a lot today as well 🙂 and I figured that one of the most important reasons to start a reason is that you are not only attracted to each other, but that you have compatible “destinations” in life. (I actually thought about it being an airplane instead of a car, but a car works just fine as well :))

    I feel he’s nearby… makes me wonder if I’m right.


    • Haha! airplane…love it! I’ve never gone back to an ex. Like you, I still remember them…fondly…well maybe not ALL fondly but most. I don’t know if I could go back to an ex. Will the pudding taste just as good or better the 2nd time round? There’s this saying about ‘the one that got away’. I think I met that one that ‘got away’ some years ago. There was an instant connection, chemistry. Maybe the time wasn’t right. Maybe she pulled over to give me a lift and I opted to take the bus instead! Who knows. All I know now is that I’m being careful about who I decide to accept rides from. No hitch-hiking for me. 🙂


      • Amen to that: no hitch-hiking for me either.

        I remember them all, didn’t love them equally the same, but wish them all the best in love and life. I have tried to be with an ex once: it was different, started out better actually, but something happened in my life which caused me to break things off… He is engaged now and I’m happy for him. Everybody changes, so when an ex comes along and it feels right, I might try again 🙂 but I won’t wish for them to come back: who knows something better might be on our way…


      • 🙂 my brother no going bk yes if it was ment to b they wouldnt have gotten away


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