‘Weight’ a minute!


It’s getting warmer and coats, jumpers and scarves aren’t the only things we want to shed! Gyms and Weight Watchers are making an absolute fortune as we turn into fitness fanatics in order to shed those pounds for summer. All of a sudden we’ve become rabbits, munching on salads, fruit and vegetables so we don’t look like the Michelin man as we strut our stuff down the street in this year’s summer line. Why do we do this? How many of us when we are asked why we are dieting say “I’m doing it for me”? Are we really doing it for “me” or do we want to make ourselves more appealing to to a prospective ‘mate’? Guys rush down to the gym, furiously pumping iron we so can get the arms and the pecks while girls live on salad and soup! Is this yet another media induced ploy to make us believe that if we’re not ripped or toned that we are not fit to be seen on the public runway?

Let’s be honest, we all look at ourselves at some point and feel like we are not worthy to be the person we are physically. That we have been punished by some greater being and given our bodies as punishment for a heinous past life! Why is body image so important if one the most fundamental traits of a person…as most people say…is personality? What happened to love yourself? I guess we don’t love ourselves and that’s why it’s so difficult for us to open ourselves up to give and receive love.


Studies have shown that a good diet and a healthy lifestyle is good for us and will make us live happier, longer lives. Whereas most of us try to be healthy and eat the five a day blah blah blah, there’s no mistake that we are all different. Can you imagine if we were all size zero? How boring. We are who we are and if someone is going to judge you because of your size then maybe they should take the log out of their eyes before they attempt to take the splinter out of yours! I’m a little bit fed up with all these advertisements on TV and radio about diet this, diet that. Eat this, don’t eat that! Tired of people looking miserable because they can only eat rice cakes and drink water. Tired of seeing people depressed because they can’t lose weight even though they’ve been so militant in following their diet! The media is making us hate ourselves by poisoning our minds with all this superficial rubbish! How many of us put off fun, leisurely activities because our gym membership fees are preventing us from doing so? I don’t see people rushing off to the gym or working out half as much during the winter. If we were so ‘concerned’ about being fit and healthy and “doing it for me” surely we would be doing these things all year, wouldn’t we? I know that there are many of us who are genuine in our endeavour to stay fit and healthy, but the percentage of people who suddenly go insane at the onset of spring to lose weight is unbelievable!

I understand that us single people want to increase our chances of finding someone by keeping trim but what happens after we find someone and get comfortable with them? Do we stop because our mission is accomplished and let ourselves go?  Some of us are so insecure that we carry on, not because we want to but because we are scared that our partner won’t be attracted to us anymore if we put on a few pounds.

I’m not saying that physical attraction doesn’t play it’s part when looking for a partner or trying to attract one but how many of us can say, hand on heart, that when we met our husbands/wives/partners, they were so stunningly gorgeous and ‘fit’ that we knew we had to have them. Most people I’ve spoken to said they weren’t particularly interested in their partner when they first met them. Some even said they thought they were revolting! It was their personalities that made them more attractive…not that they looked like an overweight gremlin or anything like that before, but their charm, wit and caring nature made them even more attractive. Most people said their partners were just ‘average’…whatever that means.

What i’m trying to say is that physical appearance isn’t the be all and end all. There has to be the right combination of the different variables that will ultimately make you appealing. If you don’t love yourself, you are not making yourself attractive. If you have the perfect hour glass figure and the face of a barbie doll, or the perfect six pack and bulging muscles but can’t string a sentence together, that doesn’t make you attractive either…or maybe that’s just me. Initially we might think “woah!” when we see these people, but do we still feel the same when we find out they are just as intelligent as a sheep deprived of oxygen at birth?

Love yourselves and your food, but be sensible and don’t over indulge. We don’t want to lose you before your time. Exercise both your body and mind. Shed the pounds if you must but if you can’t, then shed the negative image you have of yourself and eat up lots of positive optimistic ones. You are loved. One love.


2 thoughts on “‘Weight’ a minute!

  1. No matter who or how many people say looking trim isnt important the bottom line is that women especially will NEVER be happy with the way the look. This self dissatisfaction with our bodies is the reason why we ‘can’t get a man’ ‘ can’t get that job’ ‘can’t go to that party’.
    This is an age old problem that will never be resolved..but bless all those who try..


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