I’m OK…

ImageWhat does that phrase mean? It is known as the easiest, most often told lie. When we say we are ‘OK’ what do we really mean? Do we mean we’re happy? Do we mean that we’re not in a good mood and want to be left alone? Do we mean that we are so pissed off that if we say something we may commit a crime or burst into tears? Do we mean that we are bored? Do we mean that we are just….well….’OK’. Neither here nor there…feeling indifferent to everyone and everything. Do we say we’re ‘OK’ because we don’t know how we feel and the best way to describe that feeling is by saying ‘OK’?

When we are asked our opinion about something and we say ‘OK’ what do we really mean? Men can relate to this scenario: You and your partner are going out somewhere, she’s really excited and wants your opinion on either ‘hair up or down’, dress type or colour, shoes, handbag, etc. She says “How do I look?” You say, “You look ‘OK’.” Well…that response is like dropping a nuclear bomb on a doll’s house! You can forget it after that because the referee just rang the bell and she’s off. You end up getting the… “Is that what you think of me?…OK? After all I do for you? Cook your food, wash your clothes, tidy up after your lazy, messy ass? Make sure you don’t look like a tramp when you go out, and all you can tell me is that I look ‘OK’?! (You can insert the expletives anywhere you like :)) Your voice gets two octaves higher as you questioningly turn up your palms and try to defend yourself. Too late! By the time you get out the door, the world has ended and you get the silent treatment for the rest of your life! and don’t expect to get any either…for a looooong time!

Is it that our knowledge of adjectives is so limited that the only word we can think of to describe most, if not everything is OK? How was your day?…it was OK. How was the film?…it was OK. How was dinner?…it was OK…Boys please don’t say this about her cooking either if you don’t want a repeat of the above or if you expect her to ever cook for you again! You will ask her how was the sex? She will say “It was OK!”….TOUCHÉ!! 😀

I think because we find it so hard to express ourselves sometimes, or that we don’t want to express ourselves, the ‘I’m OK’ phrase becomes a kind of wall of defence that we hide behind. Only the people who truly know us, I guess, will know exactly what we mean when we say “I’m OK”.

Keeping with the theme of spring…the time of new beginnings and growth, I’ve added a few photos for you to have a look at. Hope you like them. Keep the ‘spring’ in your step and stay positive. One love.


2 thoughts on “I’m OK…

  1. A tip for all the men out there: compliment her on a detail of the outfit or ask a specific question about the meal (fe did you use basil in this meal?) It shows that you noticed and its an easy thing to do 🙂 but mostly: you’ll probably leave her speechless

    Aren’t we a difficult species 😀

    I say that I’m okay a lot lately… It means I don’t want to talk about it and I am doing my best to… Be ok 🙂

    Have to share one of my favourite songs now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpMI8Qu5fsc

    Hope you enjoy!


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