Live to work or Work to live?


How many of us wake up in the morning and think “I have to go to work…yay! I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to today,” and how many of us after murdering the snooze button on our alarm clock think “Bloody hell! How long till Friday?” followed by a bowl full of expletives as we walk sleepy eyed to the bathroom? How many of us can honestly say, hand on heart “I really enjoy my job”? Do we live to work, or do we work to live? Do we work because it pays the bills, funds our holidays and pays for the weekly weekend booze up? Or do we work because we’re passionate about our jobs, knowing that we are making an impact, however small to the survival of our species? As we sit at our desks daily, basking in flourescent glory, sipping on our coffee, what is it that’s really going through our minds? Are we thinking “Ok, I’m just gonna do the bare minimum” and clock watch til the end of the day, or do we approach each day with a renewed vigour, ready to take on the world and conquer the beast that is our in-tray?


Whether we like to go to work or not, There are many variables that effect our mood and our attitude towards the work at hand. One of those variables is the people we work with. I’m going to try and describe a few. Which one are you? Do you have any of these personalities at your workplace? I call them ‘The Many Faces of Work’. Here goes!

Face 1: The type that walks around with a dumb, patronising smile/grin on their face and is overly friendly and happy to everyone…If this is you please note, this face pisses people off more than you can ever imagine…especially on a Monday morning! Even though your respondents may smile back, they are really thinking how much they want to slap you!

Face 2: The type that walks around with a face like a smacked arse willing someone to say something to them so they can tell you where to go or what bus/train to jump in front of..This person is never approached unless you require a life saving resource!…I have been known to be this face a few times. πŸ™‚

Face 3: The type who is always busy! Constantly running around with papers, sighing constantly, doing everything and nothing at the same time…your secret santa gift will be a pedometer! I get tired just watching you!

Face 4: The type who is more qualified than Stephen Hawking and only works here because…….This person knows everything Β and always has something to say. Usually quite ‘pally’ with senior management….If this is you, we know you are sucking up and the boss is not gonna give you a promotion, so behave and stop brown nosing!

Face 5: The Psychologist and Life Coach. This face is always ‘interested’ in how you’re feeling. Likes putting their arm around expecting you to meltdown and tell them your deepest worries and fears…Listen you, if I wanted to talk I wouldn’t have put on that fake ass smile and say I’m ok. Give it a rest. You’re not my friend or my counselor! go count some paper clips or something.

Face 6: The office tannoy. If you want the entire office plus the rest of the city to know anything, feel free to tell this face. They are guaranteed not to disappoint!

Face 7: This person never gets flustered. They are always ‘nice’, everyone likes them and they are always in a good mood and always has something positive and encouraging to say. If you see/hear this face swear or lose their cool, your jaw will hit the floor and you’ll probably go into cardiac arrest! Everyone likes this face.

Face 8: This face always feel the need to tell you everything that’s happening in their life! What their partner did, where they went on holiday, how hammered they got on the weekend, where they’re going this weekend, how Sainsbury’s/Tesco messed up their shopping order, How much they spent on the latest designer kit, blah blah blah….do me a favour….go away!

Face 9: The mysterious one! No-one knows anything about this face. Very quiet. Friendly enough and might occasionally crack a smile. Always well presented and polite. Carries out their duties without any sign of emotion….this face scares the sh*t out of me!

Face 10: The mother hen. Everyone loves this face. Tends to be the more mature mommy type who you sometimes just want to go and give a hug because they’re so lovely. This face is always the one at the end of the day, arranging the newspapers, cleaning the sink, etc. We all have one of these faces working with us.


Ok that was quite an exhaustive list. Which of those faces are you at work? Whether we work to live or live to work, it’s something we must do to survive. Money isn’t everything and it doesn’t buy happiness but it sure as hell helps! Keep your heads up and keep on keeping on. One love.

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