Three Little Pigs

Wood and sticks

Ok, so we all know the story of the Three Little Pigs. On the way home tonight I had an interesting take on the story. What if we were to compare ourselves to the houses that the little piggies built in the story. Which house would represent you? Are you the type of person who is easily frazzled by the slightest gust of wind (straw house), or are you so resilient that not even a tornado would shift you (brick house)?

Are you the happy-go-lucky, risk taking free spirit that thinks “Whatever, if it blows down I’ll just go ahead and build another one…didn’t take that long anyway”. Are you the type that puts a little more effort into doing things, forming friendships, relationships, hobbies, studies, but still has a bit of an adventurous streak in you? The type of person who will make the effort but if it goes to pot you won’t feel like the world has caved in around you and that you can rebuild? Are you the pedantic, obsessively compulsive perfectionist who takes your time paying attention the most minute detail in order to make everything perfect? From organising your wardrobe to mapping out your perfect career path? Having the perfect marriage? Being the perfect parent? Always have a contingency plan? A ‘get out of jail’ card? Nothing must go wrong and your fortress is indestructible! you are invincible! you are your own god/goddess! and if something indeed goes wrong you will go and jump off Brighton pier or the top of the Shard?


I think straw house and brick house are two extremes and that most of us live and think in the realm of the wood house, leaning towards either end of the other two. I know some of you are thinking “What is he on about?” but give it some thought. It seems a bit strange to be comparing people and their personalities, attitudes, etc to houses but I think it’s quite interesting. If you think about yourself being one of the houses and the wolf representing some kind of setback e.g. losing a job, a failed relationship/marriage, losing a loved one, boiler packing up when it’s -1 outside, gagging for a cup of tea and going to the fridge only to find that the milk has gone off and it’s 3 a.m, whatever the situation. How do we react to these things? Is there an innate mechanism that allows us to cope with these situations or will our house get blown down? Do our life experiences and relationships with our families growing up teach us how to be resilient when dealing with these?


What type of house are you? I think I’m more wood, leaning a little bit towards brick. While I might not be the most positive, optimistic bloke around, I do believe that we can bounce back from adversities. I do admit I sometimes make mountains out of mole hills but who doesn’t? Although I’m confident when I know what I’m doing, I have my shortcomings and it doesn’t necessarily mean that my house won’t crumble occasionally. Sometimes I will have to do a bit of housekeeping and make repairs. Am I nuts or can you make sense out of this?

7 thoughts on “Three Little Pigs

  1. Love your take on this hunny. Beautiful pictures again . Always look forward to reading your thoughts xxxxx speak to you soon xxx


  2. I love you analysis of the lives we live. Its not madness at all. I thought my house was made of bricks but that big bad wolf is starting huff and puff… Pic’s are cool. Xx


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