Monday “Blues”

CD and iPod

Am I the only one who tries to categorise my music? I just like the idea of organising my music by genre. Recently I acquired a few albums and after listening I thought “where the hell am I going to put this?” We used to have clearly defined genres in music, whether it be blues, jazz, pop, rock n roll, country, etc. There were even categories for the not so sure ones like indie, alternative, etc. I’m finding it so hard to decide where to put what nowadays. Does it mean that artists are now more versatile and able to use different styles, or are they trying so hard to be different that they’re screwing up my music organisation? And speaking of music, does anyone play real instruments anymore? Everything is so electronic nowadays. You can even compose an entire album, including lyrics from the comfort of your sofa using your iPad or laptop.  This is why I appreciate live music, real musicians and raw talent at its best! People who can ‘feel’ the music and be able to improvise at the drop of a hat.

While we’re on the topic, do you remember cassettes and vinyl records? The cassette walkman that we used to walk around with bopping our heads like we’re the man (or woman)? This is usually after we spent the Saturday or Sunday before listening to the charts show, pushing the play/record button(s) down while our index finger hovered over the pause button so we could stop recording before the DJ spoke! If we were too slow we’d have to move with the skill and precision of a ninja to rewind the cassette so we could cue the tape at exactly the right point before the next song came on!


Who can remember hugging their pillow on their bed while belting out the current power ballad…and I mean singing those lyrics with such conviction that you felt like your heart was being torn from your chest! Some of you even cried! And what about playing the hell out of your air guitar during Sweet Child O Mine? Practicing dance moves in front of the mirror so you could tear up the dancefloor when you go out. Everyone was a break dancer!

What is it about music that influences our moods? Is there such a thing as mood music? Is it a particular sound? Is it that we can relate to the lyrics? Why is it that when we hear certain songs it evokes a particular reaction that causes our hairs to stand on end giving us goose pimples? Why do some songs bring back memories of a certain place or time or person?

Some argue that certain types of music encourage us to behave and think in a certain way. Is that why we have Goths and Emos? Hippies wearing tie dye and people who grow dreadlocks and live on a diet of weed and vegetables? People who wear their clothes two sizes too big and their trousers by their knees? If this is all true then music must really be ‘hypnotic’. Whether or not it is, I love the stuff! Is there a certain type of music that you listen to to get you in the ‘mood’ to do something? Tell me.

I’m gonna finish by sending my love to the family of the 96 that lost their lives in Hillsborough 24 years today. You’re gone but not forgotten. YNWA!!! One love.

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